Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Political Craziness!

It happens every November, especially during a Presidential Election year. The gloves come off and we all seem to stop being polite to each other.

I use to want to run for a political office...so did my husband. As the years go by and the political arena gets nastier and nastier, we changed our minds. Why would we want to set ourselves (and our family) up for the constant character assassination that assaults each candidate and their supportive family?

Why can't we focus on the facts? Why is it necessary to say awful, hateful things about a young girl who is facing a very grown up challenge?

Also, why is it that during the DNC, there were no reports of out-of-control demonstrators? No bomb threats...broken glass...riot police that had to use tear gas? But during the RNC...anyone that entered had to pretty much put their life at risk to enter?


I was raised by Republican parents and could not wait to register to vote. Did that on my 18th birthday. To me, being able to vote is a privilege and I take it very seriously. I like to listen and read about all the political candidates and then make an informed decision on who will be the best candidate for the job. Sometimes it is according to my Party lines...and sometimes it isn't. My views have changed and evolved with me as I have changed and evolved.

I plan to vote for McCain / Palin because I feel in my heart that they will both do what is best for our wonderful Country. He honestly wants what is best for our country and she does too. Both of them have children who are currently actively serving to protect us and our way of life.

Has anyone read up on McCain's background? Besides the knows facts that he was a Prisoner of War and has served in politics for many years... He married his first wife and adopted her two boys...treated them as his own. Together they had a daughter. Unfortunately, their marriage did not survive the strains of an awful situation...not just his imprisonment and torture, but also the adjustment of being back together after such a long separation. Today, they have a good relationship.

He is happily married to his second wife and together they parented some great children...not just the three children that they had together, but also his three from the first marriage as well as a beautiful daughter that was adopted from Bangladesh at a time when it was uncommon for foreign adoptions. They made the decision together for Cindy to stay in Arizona so that the children could have a "normal" childhood.

And speaking of Cindy...do you know about her? Have you read about all of the things that she has accomplished? What a strong woman she is? She may be a wealthy heiress, but she also does so many wonderful things for others. She has traveled the world helping others in need. She isn't a fragile woman, afraid to get her hands dirty. Did you know that she endured a couple of miscarriages, usually while her husband was away? Did you know that she fought an addiction to pain medication from a back injury and recovered? Or that she is recovering from a stroke? She is just as strong as her husband and I cannot imagine a better First Lady and role model.

Now lets talk about Sarah Palin. When McCain picked her as his running mate, I have to admit that I didn't know a thing about her. I had hoped that Joseph Liebermann would have been his pick. So, I spend some time learning about her...and the more I learn, the more I like her.

She is a wife and mom...someone that I can relate to. She is married to her best friend and they have a great relationship. Together they parent some really great kids. She first ran for political office in the early 1990s and has been able to lead her local and state governments as well as take care of her children. She is a breastfeeding mom to a special needs child and will soon be a proud grandma.

She may be new to big government, but isn't that what alot of people have been asking for? How many times have we heard..."Washington DC needs new blood?"..."get rid of the old timers and bring in fresh ideas"...I think she will do just that.

I could go on and on...but my time is limited. I have to leave and pick up my kindergartner. So in closing, I will just say this...

I am a firm believer that the McCain / Palin ticket will be exactly what our country needs. The two of them can bring us back together...Republicans and Democrats alike. Just give them a chance.


Kathryn said...

Well, to me, all the candidates seem like decent people. I think they all want what is best for our country. But, I vote on issues alone. And I disagree with Obama on just about every issue there is.
And 8 years ago I was hoping that McCain would get the Rep. ticket instead of Bush so I am pretty happy that he made it this time. I think he can join the two parties better than anyone else could right now. And that is really what we need.
You are brave to post anything on politics right now. It seems that bloggers can't just leave it at that is your opinion and your right to feel that way. They have to bash everyone for thinking differently than they do. It is disturbing to me.

Scarlet O'Kara said...

Thanks for your words. I was a bit wary about posting my heart felt beliefs, but some times you just have to take a chance. I may be ridiculed and called names, but at least I did my duty as an American and researched my candidates.

Jaina said...

Great post Scarlet, as well as very informative. I have to admit I've been a bit bad about doing my research and really haven't been paying active attention to the political field right now. Very well worded.

The Chic Chauffeur said...

Scarlet, I don't think you should be wary! I might not agree with everything you said about the McCain's, but I totally respect your right to your own opinion! That's what makes America so great in my opinion. And who knows... sometimes dialog like this changes people's minds, or helps them see things from a different angle!

Anonymous said...

I agree about the right to our own opinions, like them or not. I'm sure mine pisses off some people, and if it does then, well, whatev. They don't have to read it. But we all have every right to voice what we think, as long as we don't shove it down anyones' throat. Don't be afraid to state your view! This is the beauty of blogging!!!! :-)

Scarlet O'Kara said...

Thanks for the reassuring words. They mean alot to me.

When I was in high school...many, many moons ago...I was on the debate team and loved it. Hopefully this will help bring back so of that "fire"...