Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I'm on a crusade to get all my bloggy friends on Facebook.

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Craigslist Crimes

This HAS NOT happened to me. BUT it has happened in our city, and was written about in our local paper, and is therefore, blogworthy to me!

Have you ever shopped on Craigslist? I have. I bought a pilates machine on it. I also sold a pilates machine on it. (That is for the after New Year's topic of 'New Year's Resolutions and how quickly we break them'). Anyway, apparently, some scoundrels are posting a listing for Iphones at a good price. When the unsuspecting patsy, er I mean customer, shows up with cash in hand, the seller (criminal) whips out his GUN and demands the cash, and whatever other valuables the naive bargain hunter has on him/her. (note: consumer does not receive Iphone in this transaction)

Well, here is what I think about this. First of all, if you are shopping around on Craigslist, looking for a bargain, keep this in mind: IF IT SEEMS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE (i.e. price is wayyyy fabulous) MAYBE IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Second, don't go with your cash to the worst section of town, to an unlit parking lot to make your exchange. Honestly, sometimes I think people who have been robbed are almost asking to be robbed. USE SOME COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!!!! and Lastly, if you are going to sell your fake coaches on Craigslist, quit trying to pass them off as authentic. Ms. Chic Chauffeur will totally flag your listing!

BE CAREFUL EVERYONE. As the economy gets worse, I think the criminal element gets more and more desperate!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Topic!!!

I just thought of a topic. As you know the economy is a mess, and crime rates are skyrocketing.

I think someone tried to pickpocket me at the mall yesterday.

My sister's cars got robbed in her driveway and her friend just got her cell phone and jacket ripped off at Target.

Do you have any stories?

Purse Envy

Look at my great find....try not to turn green:) Gotta love Loehman's!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Confessions of a purseaholic, take 2

I cannot resist posting this beauty, and then I will not hijack your cool site again, Jill, to discuss my weakness. But look at this beauty:

It is coming soon to a Target near you! Hayden Harnett is one of the new Go International designers. Their purses are yummy. And the ones at Target are priced at 49.99 and under! A person who loves purses could satisfy the urge without breaking the bank!

Sorry ladies, but my husband was just not interested, so I thought I would share this monumental news with my bloggy friends!

Anyone looking for a shopper?

My name is NJDecorator and I am a shopper. I mean, I love to shop. My perfect job would be someones personal shopper (with unlimited budget) so I could indulge my shopping needs.

However, right now I am between jobs and cannot shop like I would normally. I have to reign it in. But I always tempted. So I now cyber window shop. I fill up my shopping cart with all kinds of wonderful things and them I click away from the site before ordering. It works pretty well, but not fully.

I also run my Synagogue's Judaica Shop. That helps with the buying urges. I can order all kinds of things and know that the money is not coming out my pocket. I like buying things for other people.

I really should be a personal shopper - anyone looking for that?