Thursday, September 25, 2008

Find a Happy Place….

I like this post. I have a hard time finding my happy place sometimes, so I think this is going to be a good start.
Things that make ME happy:

· Going out on one-on-one dates with my husband.
· Blogging
· Watching my kids be silly
· Gerbera daisy’s
· The smell of fresh baked bread
· A long hot bubble bath
· The sound of rain on the windows
· The first snow fall
· Hugs from my boys
· The smell of clean laundry
· An unexpected backrub from my husband
· The sound of my kids laughing. Especially, when I’m the reason they are laughing.
· Taking a nap
· Eating Double Stuf Oreos
· A good song that you can dance to
· When my clothes fit!
· A good hair day
· When my son tells me I look beautiful….out of the blue.
· Reading to my kids
· Playing with my kids
· A clean house
· An organized house (Because it’s SO different than a clean house.)
· Watching the sun go down
· Watching the sun come up
· Eating a cookie just out of the oven
· Finding money you didn’t know you had
· Friends
· Family
· Making a new friend
· Children’s books

I guess I do find happiness in virtually everything I do. As long as I can just be, sometime during the day, I am happy.
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Caffeine Court said...

I love that list! I am so good at cleaning. Organizing is not my strong point.

And backrubs, I'll take them over sex any day of the week!

Scarlet O'Kara said...

Those make me happy too...

Wonderful list.