Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dreams of a Little Girl

I went through so many phases or wanting to do different things when I was little. Fireman, astronaut, teacher, interior designer. I'm working on the teacher part, but currently loving being a computer tech. I also had dreams of acting...which may still get realized at some point, you never know what might happen.

Also, sorry for this being my only subject post so far...I've been busy.

When I grow up...

My two favorite movies as a child were, "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, " and "Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang," the common theme in the two films, a candy factory! I have very vivid memories of laying in bed trying to visualize my own chocolate river or lollipop flowers.

Old Hickory

(My Grandparent's fireplace in the background. My Dad, myself, and my son.)

Ever notice how a smell can take you through a time warp? Have you ever had a whiff of something that made you remember something long filed away in the brain? The sense of smell is a strong one. It's powerful, memory-wise.

One scent that takes me back to childhood is the comforting smell of hickory wood in a fireplace.

My Grandma and Grandpa have a fireplace. Grandpa is gone now, and it hasn't been used in a long time. I can remember from very early on the blazing fire at their house. They had a giant screen like thing (that's stashed in their basement/boneyard of old stuff no longer used) that kept sparks of embers form flying out. Then, when I was 10 or so, they got a fancy fireplace. It had iron doors and windows. I liked the old open one best.

Grandpa was very particular about the type of wood that was burned. Only hickory. It made the most declicious smell. I LOVE it. In their woods behind their house, he'd search out old, dying trees to cut down for firewood. It was a science. And an art. It couldn't be too young, or dead. Then the wood would be split and stacked in a uniform fashion in a special holder thing that was the size of a small shed. It had a cover on the top to keep the wood dry.

Even in the summer, their house smelled like the "fire" smell. I have grown to love that scent. Their house is the closest thing to my childhood home that I have, since we moved so many times. If I smell burning hickory, I always think of their home, and Grandpa. It sucks me back into childhood in an instant.
Grandma's barely holds that smell these days, as it's been several years since the fireplace was used last. I wish she'd have a fire at Thanksgiving for old times' sake. But it usually isn't cold enough by then.

I wish there was a Yankee Candle of it.
What scent holds powerful memories for you?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Margo the Builder

When I was a child, I wanted to be an architect - My father was a builder and I wanted to work with him. I was forever drawing pictures of houses and arranging rooms and planning gardens. I actually designed a house that won a prize in middle school. My math skills are awful, so I thought I would never cut it as an architect. I decided that I would be a lawyer or a history professor instead. Well, let it be known that I pursued NONE of those vocations and wound up in IT and the software industry instead (and it's been very good to me). I still love to pour over houseplans, modifying ones that I see or drawing out houses that I imagine. I spend a fortune on architecture, decorating and design magazines. It is still my dream, to one day design and build my own house.

Making Choices

I come from a long line of teachers (my grandmother and both parents taught high school, then later my dad taught at the college level), so it wasn't shocking that I decided quite young that I wanted to teach. I flirted with the idea of being an actress, a lawyer, or a professional roller skater (what? I was eight), but I always came back to teaching. Education was big in our house. BIG. I always assumed I have my master's and doctorate by the time I was thirty. A tough regime of dating, sex, club-hopping, and shopping kind of blew that plan out of the water in my twenties.

I did teach high school theater and English for several years before I had my children and switched to being a SAHM. I loved teaching, loved my students, loved the excitement of the lights going up on opening night of the school play, and loved introducing suspicious fourteen-year-olds to Shakespeare. What I hated, once I got married, were the hours. As the drama teacher in a large metropolitan school, I was expected to mount three or more major productions each school year. I frequently came home at 9:00 pm. That was when I started my grading. Not so conducive to family life, you know? And I wanted to be a mom much more than I wanted to teach.

If I had my choice now, I wouldn't go back to teaching, but would go back to school myself. I miss the world of academia, the research, the class discussions, the feeling smart. Stay-at-home-momdom may be fulfilling, but it can be hell on the brain cells.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

When I Grow Up...

I was supposed to be a doctor...everyone in my family is in the medical field. Everyone went to Jefferson Medical School. Everyone blah, blah, blah...

However I faint at the sight of blood. Go figure. So I'm an accountant. Blood is kept to a minimum.

A Simple Happy

My first post here! Hi all!

Is it too cliche to say family and friends make me the happiest? And in the end that is what I would want the answer to be. I'm divorced - 2 years now - and I used to often say that my ex would rather be right than happy. These are the relationships that need nurturing...seriously! I have teens! It's a never ending battle! But worth every minute.

All the personal accomplishments in the world mean nothing if I don't have them. They give me the warm fuzzies, the little adrenalin rush when I'm having fun with them. It's pretty simple for me. And I like it that way!


Friday, September 26, 2008

I Wanted It All

I never wanted to be one certain thing growing up. There were many, many careers I wanted.

I remember wanting to be president. I was a bit bossy (and still sort of am) and I thought it would be the perfect job for me.

I remember wanting to be a meteorologist for a long time. I was weather obsessed after surviving a devastating tornado at age 9. For at least 2 years after that, I would obsessively watch the Weather Channel as well as local news, and the sky. Anything more than cirrus clouds and I was sure the next twister was coming. I would turn down sleepovers with friends if the sky weren't perfectly blue. Too many clouds or a light rain would put my stomach in knots. Luckily, this eventually went away. Now I am sort of like "hey storms, bring it!". lol. They fascinate me.

There was a long time that I wanted to be an actress. I think I would make a fine actress actually. I would perform in the community college's musicals and it was sooooo fun. The glamorous life always appealed to me.

I wanted to be a teacher for most of childhood. Who doesn't want summers off, great holidays, and to be "the boss" to their own classroom? I wanted to sit at the big desk. I wanted to have the rolly chair. I wanted to write on the chalkboard whenever I wanted. And I loved school, not college, but regular school. To lead others and teach others something as powerful as how to read sounded great. Still does. I'm a reading assistant (no, not a real, certified teacher), but I do present the spelling lesson, help with reading skills, and lead the workbook work in the 2nd grade. I love it and I am good at it. It's fun and I get to write on the chalkboard. ;-)

I also wanted to be an endocrinologist. When I was 10, one of my younger brothers was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at age 5, so my family's life got swept away with the care and maintenance of his diet and insulin. I read the manuals, and learned all I could about it. Besides giving the shots, I was an expert! So I thought it'd be great to be a doctor and treat diabetes and help others. (But later on, a million years of college didn't sound so fun anymore.)

There were many times, on and off, that I wanted to be a lawyer. Now this could really be my true calling. Except I think lawyers are, for the most part, greedy and parasitic. But not all of them. You've got your Erin Brokoviches, who help the little people, the ones who need a voice,.... and then you have your Mark Geragos' and Johnny Cochran. Ick. They disgust me. But I would be an excellent lawyer. Persuasion is one of my strengths. Arguing is like a sport to me. Things that are not fair piss me off. Like, really piss me off. So, I'd definitely be an Erin Brokovich. But, then there's the whole million years of school thing. School is just boring, y'all. I don't think I could handle that many years. I know it sounds lazy, but geez, that's a long time.

I also wanted to be a beautician. Making people pretty is always fun.

And I wanted to be a fashion designer for a long while. From 5th through 8th grades, I would sketch prom dresses and wedding gowns in notebooks. Some of them weren't half bad. But, to be a famous designer you pretty much have to live in a city NYC or Paris. Well, there's not enough corn fields for me there, so that was out of the question.

I really wanted to be a mom and Donna Reed-style housewife, too. I wanted the frilly apron, the full skirts with crinolines, the kitten heels and perfect hairdo. Not to mention the perfect kids, husband, and home. Well, I sort of got that. I don't clean house in a dress and frilly apron, but I have a cozy little house, a loving family, and I bake cookies a lot.

I still sometimes wish I were a ball busting attorney, or a world renowned designer, but I'm happy with what I do. It's rewarding and I enjoy myself... and if you love what you do, it's not work.

When I grew up...

When I was young I wanted to be a pathologist. I used to love watching Quincy M.E.. You should have seen the faces of the adults who would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I said a pathologist. "A what?" they would ask. And I would smile and say, "a coroner." I wish I would have done it.

Donuts With My Grandpa ~

When I was a little girl, one of my most favorite things to do was go to the local donut shop with my grandpa. I remember telling him, "when I get bigger, I'm gonna be a Dunkin Donuts Girl" so that I could be his server. To this day, I remember what he would ordered...two old fashion cake donuts and a cup of black coffee. I had the powered sugar covered jelly filled donut and hot chocolate with whipped cream & a maraschino cherry.

Grandpa has been dead over 13 years, but I still cannot pass Dunkin Donuts without thinking of him and how much I wanted to work there. I still get his favorite order for him...only this time, I leave it on his grave stone.

Live from New York...it's Caffeine Court!

I had big dreams as a kid. I didn't think about a logical career choice, like being a nurse, or a teacher. I had to think UNATTAINABLE!!

I've always loved comedy. I devoured Mad Magazines and covered my bedroom doors in Wacky Pack stickers. Every Sunday night I listed to "Dr. Demento's Comedy Hour" on the radio.

At night I watched "The Carol Burnett Show" and "Laugh In."

But my favorite show by far, was Saturday Night Live, and I totally pictured myself writing for it and sitting at the desk anchoring "Weekend Update." My childhood dream was to hear Dan Ackroyd say to me "Jill you ignorant slut!"

I curse Tina Fey. "Damn you Tina! You stole my job!"

I even went so far as to move to New York and perform comedy and improv at dive clubs all over the city.

When I hit 30 I put an end to it. It was like the day I quit smoking. I just got sick of it, and threw it away. I got a normal job, got married and had a baby.

Those days in the comedy world were tons of fun. The closest I got to SNL was sitting in the audience. Which is okay with me.

Footnote: A lady who lives in my town WAS on SNL. She was on at the same time that Phil Hartman and Chris Farley were on it. I love her. She is absolutely hilarious. Her son played soccer with my daughter. I'm so bummed my daughter quit soccer, because I don't see her anymore! I wanted to be her best friend. Another dream of mine that never came true. :)

OK, I think I'm happy enough today to post this, LOL

I keep coming in here to post what makes me happy, but this darn backache seems to take over, and I forget that I am actually a very happy person, beneath the pain, LOL

I just pulled it out last week, and have been nursing it ever since, had a massage today and feel pretty good, so I figured today was a good day to talk about my happiness, LOL

What makes me happy?

*First and foremost, my children. Plain and simple, they are the reason I am happy. But with that being said, they are also the reason I am crazy, lol

*My husband. I have finally found someone to make me happy no matter how I feel that day, no matter how I look, no matter what. Period.

*My family in general. I'm very lucky & blessed to have such an awesome family.

*My friends. My husband has never really had tons of friends around him, claims he doesn't need them, but once we married and he realized I've got to have my friends, he realized WHY people need them, he even tells me how lucky I am to have them!

*Blogging. I am so glad I found blogging. I gotta thank my cousin, Robin, for turning me on to it, it's been a lifesaver at times!

*Tennis. GASP I actually found an exercise that I LOVE & ENJOY!

Here it goes......

:) My children laughing
:) Listening to my husband laugh so hard at something on T.V. after he has had a stressful day at work
:) Reading my sister's blog
:) Snuggling up on the couch with my family
:) Hearing my parents and sisters call me on my birthday and singing
:) watching my husband dance with our dogs
:) All of my nieces and nephews
:) Seeing all 4 of our children together in one place
:) My friends
:) Getting comments on my new blog
:) Peace on Earth

Have a HAPPY Day!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Luckiest Girl in the World

Sometimes I forget that I'm the luckiest girl in the world...God has blessed me FAR more richly than I deserve. I'm married to the most patient and kind man in the world and have two fabulous young adult children (boy that makes me feel old), a good solid career, friends...a strong faith and I'm fairly intelligent even though I don't appear so at times.

I truly believe that people are about as happy as they decide to be and the small things can make the biggest difference. I work with children quite often who are the happiest things in the world considering that they have so little in the way of resources...loving human resources or material resources or both. I work with parents who are quite often limited in many different ways....it is entirely possible to make their day with a simple handshake and smile or a few minutes of my time. That, in turn, makes ME happy.

Today was cooler than usual for our neck of the woods and I joyfully walked into our little coffee shop to get my first chai tea latte of the season. I wasn't just happy...I was in a state of BLISS! Earlier this evening, I sat on the sofa in our family room and threw a handmade afghan over my legs and said to my husband, "I feel so happy." Yes, the little things can make all the difference.

Democrat or Republican, you have to admit...it's funny!

See more Sarah Silverman videos at Funny or Die

Find a Happy Place….

I like this post. I have a hard time finding my happy place sometimes, so I think this is going to be a good start.
Things that make ME happy:

· Going out on one-on-one dates with my husband.
· Blogging
· Watching my kids be silly
· Gerbera daisy’s
· The smell of fresh baked bread
· A long hot bubble bath
· The sound of rain on the windows
· The first snow fall
· Hugs from my boys
· The smell of clean laundry
· An unexpected backrub from my husband
· The sound of my kids laughing. Especially, when I’m the reason they are laughing.
· Taking a nap
· Eating Double Stuf Oreos
· A good song that you can dance to
· When my clothes fit!
· A good hair day
· When my son tells me I look beautiful….out of the blue.
· Reading to my kids
· Playing with my kids
· A clean house
· An organized house (Because it’s SO different than a clean house.)
· Watching the sun go down
· Watching the sun come up
· Eating a cookie just out of the oven
· Finding money you didn’t know you had
· Friends
· Family
· Making a new friend
· Children’s books

I guess I do find happiness in virtually everything I do. As long as I can just be, sometime during the day, I am happy.
You can visit more of me and my happy place at www.spyroufamily.blogs.com

Aside from the obvious

I have a great life. My husband and two wonderful daughters make me happy in everything they do. I have so many friends who either do not have a special someone to share their life with, or are yearning to have children of their own, that I have to find beauty even in the faults of my family. Aside from that, I found happiness in some alone time this morning. My husband packed my daughter's lunch, he took them to school. I drank a Vanilla Coke, read the paper, and finished an episode of America's Next Top Model, all in the peace and quiet of my house. That made me very happy.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm taking a cue from Clemson Girl....

You really should go over and read today's post from Clemson Girl. It's all about staying positive in these scary times. In the spirit of being positive, today I'm hoping we can share things that make us happy.

I'll start with the obvious, my family. My daughters light up my life. They are such hilarious fun little ladies. I have a great time with them, and even when they drive me nuts, I love them more than words can say. My husband is a doll, he's so good to us and we need to tell him everyday, 10 times a day, how much we appreciate him.

I love, love, love my pets. They add alot of work and clean up to my daily chores, but I adore the way they follow me around and look up at me with pure love in their eyes. I'm never lonely when they are around.

One thing that always calms me and makes me happy is my Dr. Wayne Dyer, audio book "Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life." I listen to it all the time when I'm alone in the car.

Here's what it's all about.

Five hundred years before the birth of Jesus, a man named Lao-tzu wrote a text of 81 verses, called the Tao Te Ching or the Great Way, which offers advice and guidance that is balanced, moral, spiritual, and always concerned with working for the good.

Each chapter is designed for actually living the Tao or the Great Way today. Some of the chapter titles are "Living with Flexibility," "Living Without Enemies," and "Living by Letting Go." Each of the 81 brief chapters focuses on living the Tao and concludes with a section called "Doing the Tao Now."

I listen to one chapter and day, and work on practicing it. If you haven't read the Tao Te Ching, you should. Go ahead, Google Lao-tzu. He was a very wise man.

Seriously, the Tao rocks.

What makes you happy?

Oh and P.S. Wayne Dyer is the guy who married Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

My Happy Place

Many things make me happy.

My son.....his hilarious quips and personality...when he uses his "bad guy" voice and goes right into pretend mode and assumes I am playing along with it....good morning kisses.....my huge fluffy kitty actually giving my the honor of being his seat.....doing fun stuff that brings out the kid in me.....a peaceful sunny day.....relaxing rainy days...my husband showing his soft side...free samples....kittens......compliments....knowing I mattered to someone....Fall....a moving church service.....buying groceries......loving....feeling loved....fresh snow and how quiet it is.....seeing someone I care about succeed......my family....raises....Christmas and Thanksgiving....Soft, fuzzy sweaters....Gain detergent.

A lot of things contribute to my "happiness", but most of all, I am satisfied with my lot in life and I think that is the key to happiness. Contentment.

Lucy and Linus hit it on the nose!

Of course my kids smiling faces make me happy! And my darling hubs taking me out for a quiet dinner. But for a quick fleeting moment of bliss... a good book, a pair of jeans sliding on easily, an uninterrupted hour at Nordstrom, or a skinny latte from Starbucks will do the trick every time.

It's the little things people!

**credit goes to brilliant Charles Schultz, of course, for the pic.

posted by Sarah, who is also sometimes a Chic Chauffeur

Have You Seen The Breaking News?

I was just reading the latest news and saw this...


I am so very glad to see that this issue is being taken serious. As much as I was looking forward to the debates, that can wait until later. The current state of the economy and the proposed financial bailouts need to be addressed.

Happiness in My 30's

My personal happiness has shifted form as I age. Whereas in my 20's, I would have defined happiness as a night at the newest hot club in town, wearing a cute outfit and scoping out the men, that now strikes me as about the fourth circle of hell.

Now happiness is more tied to family, home, a good book, a fire in the woodstove, a cat in my lap, and pants that make my stomach look flat. (Also a grande nonfat cinnamon dolce latte, if we're being totally honest here).

I don't know how much of it comes from living in a state completely barren of vegetation for six months of the year, but nature has become an integral part of my happiness. I adore my flower gardens, my acre of woods, and even the wildflowers that bloom along our road. And lucky, lucky me, I scored a husband who doesn't seem to care what I spend at the garden center. That, too, is happiness.

What Makes Me Smile With Happiness...

...the love of a good man and father.
...waking up to the smiling faces of my girls.
...spending time with my family and friends.
...a good workout that gets the blood moving.
...seeing my cats sleeping in a ray of sunshine.
...working on something special for a loved one.
...finding a good bargain.
...the pre-vacation anticipation.
...football season in the South.
...finishing my "to-do-list.

These are just a few of the many things that can bring happiness to me.

During the couple of years where I lived in Illinois and Indiana...just seeing the shining sun was enough to bring me happiness for the entire day! Now that I live back in Sunny, FL...I try to cherish the beauty of natural light and warmth.

If you try hard enough, happiness can be found in everything...

An Independent Voice of Confusion

Yes, that a very good description of me right now. I am confused about so many things. But first an introduction. I am Debie, of A Devonshire Design and I am approaching the big 50 in an accelerated manner. ( at least that's how it feels!) I am married, I have a wonderful son 16, 2 steps, a daughter in law and 2 beautiful granddaughters. I am in corporate life today, but tomorrow it may all change.

I am registered as an Independent and over the years I have voted for Ronald Reagan, John Anderson and considered everyone who ever ran at least for a time. I was a McCain supported back in the day, but his Bush-leanings have moved me away. And that was before he chose Ms. Palin.

Maybe no one wants to say it out loud, but aren't some of you really concerned that she could be just a heartbeat away from being our President? I wanted to see a woman President, but not just any woman.

I was a Clinton supporter - both of them, I like their stands on issues and felt that she would be a tough woman in the right role. But, I never wanted her as the VP candidate once we knew she was not the nominee.

So I am supporting Obama. I have read his website side to side and up and down, I have listened to speeches, I have compared his views to mine and I can back him. I also like Joe Biden as his running mate, I think he will be a good complement to the idealism Obama brings forth.

I will listen intently to the debates and hope for more than sound bytes and sniping. I will continue to try to think independently and with an open mind and heart.

And then come November 4th my confusion will clear.

Hey wait for me!!!

Okay, I'm just getting here, and am totally thrilled with getting involved with this project! You can call me Sass, or Sassy. My husband calls me Sassafras, Sassalicious, or Sweet Sassy M'Lassie. Now that that's out of the way...

I'm a mom of three amazingly funny kids. They are 5, 7, and my oldest will be 9 on Monday. I have no particular areas of expertise in life, other than being able to find the humor in most any situation at all. My son was born with a congenital heart defect, has had two open heart surgeries and three heart caths, so I guess I know a little bit about that stuff.

I've been married for almost 12 years, and I'm only 32. I was a child bride, of sorts, and no I'm not from Kentucky. Sorry, had to say it.

Okay, so, I see that we're talking about the things that make us happy. That's a funny subject to me (it kinda makes me happy). When my kids were probably 2, 4, and 6 we made a list of the things that made us happy. I printed them out, and we cut and pasted them onto a poster to look at on rainy days. Here's a partial list:
  • The smell of rain on the dusty ground.
  • A hot cup of coffee in bed.
  • My kids unexpectedly telling me I'm beautiful.
  • My husband unexpectedly bringing me a flower. Not flowerS, mind you. Just...one.
  • A really good glass of red zinfandel on the couch with my husband.
  • Making a new friend, reconnecting with an old friend, and cherishing both.
  • Nonfat lattes.
  • Big sunglasses.
  • Sunflowers.
  • Rocket Dog tennis shoes.
  • Trips to New Orleans.

There are so many more, but I think I've hogged the floor long enough!

What Makes You Happy?

A crisp, sunny, fall day....a bike ride on that kind of day
Hanging out with my kids when they decide to be their delightful selves and not pain in my behind teenagers....
Baked apples...
Seeing the one that makes my heart beat fast..
A beautiful drive (on the golf course)
A book that I can't put down
A perfect martini (preferably after the great drive or the long bike ride and most definitely after my kids have been pain in the a** teenagers)
When I'm working at my desk and my six toed cat Casanova pats me on my arm and snuggles on my lap

...I swore when I started writing this it would be shoes....

Wishy, Washy, Flip Flopper

Maybe I am ill informed, maybe I am easily influenced, some might just call me ignorant, but I am very undecided about this election! I was raised in a very conservative, loud Republican family. My husband was President of the Republican Club in our small Connecticut town, when we met, we even had "W" stickers on our car during the '04 election- to some, McCain would be the most obvious choice for me. I do not like "BIG" government, I want to pay less taxes, and I enjoy the thought of a woman in office. But I am not 100% sold. I am a social worker, I see the families every day struggling with health care coverage and costs. I hate the thought of war, for whatever reason- justified or not. I am a bit of an environmentalist and greatly appreciate the liberal view on environmental conservation. My family has felt the pains of a slow economy and our current economic slump.

One day I am gung ho Obama, the next day McCain. I never could identify with people who did not exercise their right to vote, but I have to say I am feeling for them now. What happens if I get to the voting booth and pull a Cindy Brady freeze at the red light? Maybe I will feel better after I hear some of the debates. Honestly it will probably confuse me more...

Better late than never right?

Shoot- sorry for being so late with this but really, if you knew the reasons, you'd understand why I'm late!

Anyways, I'm Mrs. K., I'm 39 (gah!), a mother and wife. My daughter is 9, and I've been married for 1 year this December (previously engaged to her father but decided it wasn't for me so....).

I live in South Florida, but consider Boston my home (even though I was born and raised in Puerto Rico). I don't know why, but I spent more time in Boston than in PR so there you go. I love the North and would love to go back but my husband (who is from South Africa) is not akin to cold weather. Bah...I'll get him to change his mind someday!

I'm opinionated when I'm passionate about something (like everyone else) and I'm passionate about my family, tennis and apparently blogging. So nice to meet you!

Respect in Politics

I'm 46 years old (yikes, 47 next week), a wife, school district administrator, mother of two almost grown up children and lover of politics. My son, who is in his first year of law school, was a Political Science major and as you can imagine, we've had many a lively conversation over the years. In the small town I grew up in, most everybody was a believer in the "solid south." That has changed. Amazingly, in this same small town since the 1970's a number of the county offices like Clerk of Court and Probate Judge have been held by women...good solid women who were the mothers of my friends and who played a big role in the person I've become. The day I registered to vote, the Probate Judge hugged me and whispered, "If you can't vote democrat, stay home on election day." Sometimes I've followed her rule and sometimes I haven't but I always vote and have never voted a straight ticket ever. It's about the individual candidate and the individual issues as far as I'm concerned.

I have my opinions as do you but it has bothered me lately when I've read what I consider to be MEAN things on blogs in regard to the opinions of people who were contrary to that of the blogger...whether he or she be Democrat, Republican, or Independent. Can we not agree to disagree, and take advantage of the freedom we have to engage in meaningful discourse with respect for an opposing opinion?

In The Land of Belle (my little perfect world) people would always check things out before they passed along bad, negative, or just plain not true and out of context information about the candidate they do not like. Let's be POSITIVE and RESPECTFUL. The bottom line is this...either Obama or McCain will be the next leader of the free world and whichever one is elected, a lot of people will be disappointed.

Here's the thing...I'll campaign hard for my candidate but come the morning after election day whomever has been chosen will be my President-elect and the campaign sign will be removed from the yard, the bumper sticker on my car will be in the trash can and I will be SOLIDLY behind the winner...MY President-elect, whether Obama or McCain. I encourage you to do the same.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We’re All in It to Win It…………..

Let me first start by introducing myself. I’m Miss Jack. I’m a SAHM for the most part, but I just got a part-time job to earn some extra cash to send our oldest to a private school. (Montessori) I married my best friend and soul mate. I tell him everything which can bite me in the ass sometimes, but I can’t lie to save my life.

We live in the suburbs of Chicago and despite the cost of living here, we love it….so far. We’re all Greek and half Italian so as you can imagine food is our life. My husband and I both went to school for Hospitality Management and currently he’s a chef at a restaurant. Yep! We’re well fed! Along with my degree I’ve added courses in Interior Design and I’ve picked up a few skills in the Montessori Method where I was a teacher’s assistant for a brief time. Since becoming a wife and mother, I’ve had to pursue a second degree in “Jack of All Trades” (hence the Miss Jack reference) and a Masters from the School of Hard Knocks.

I was born and raised Roman Catholic and my husband was born and raised Greek Orthodox. And since Greek Orthodox trumps my Roman Catholic upbringing I had to concede to baptizing our kids Greek Orthodox. My husband is very open-minded about religion and even though we’re raising them with primarily a Greek background we’ve taken them to church services at both churches. We are not regular parishioners at either church but if we ever have a desire or need to go we do. It doesn’t really help that my husband has to work 99% of the Sunday’s in a given year. I know, I know, I can take the kids to church whenever I want.

Then there’s politics. Honestly, I’ve never felt the need to vote. If I was alive when JFK was around, I probably would have voted for him. If I was old enough to vote when Regan was running, I probably would have voted for him. As far as the past 4 elections goes, ehh…no one made me sit up and take notice. However, this election has me looking. My husband and I have really made no decisions yet as far as what side of the political fence we are on. We really feel that our decision is going to be based on who we think is going to make for a better tomorrow. This means we do our share of reading up on both parties. We found a wonderful website at http://www.politifact.com/ that basically goes through all the major claims made by both candidates, both parties, commercials, mass emails, etc and does research to find out if they're true or not. In other words, it helps you sift through the crap and political mumbo-jumbo. And it seems VERY non-partisan, too, because it has mis-truths from BOTH sides - not just one. Anyway, for what it’s worth…..You can always read more about me and check out my blog at http://www.spyroufamily.blogs.com/.

Mainly About The Economy

Just a bit about me before I start. I am a SAHM of a college junior, a high school senior and also a junior. My husband and I have been married almost 23 years. Religiously, we are a somewhat split house. My sons and I are practicing Catholics, as of six years ago. My husband and daughter are not. We attended a Presbyterian Church when all the kids were young. The kids have attended private school almost exclusively although there were a couple of years of public middle school for the two older ones. One of the reasons we chose to go with private is because we wanted them exposed to the concepts of social justice that are not allowed to be taught in public school.

This election year is somewhat exciting for our household. Our two older children will be voting in the upcoming election and both have shown quite an interest in the candidates. It has been very eye opening to see the process through their eyes. My husband and I both generally vote republican and it appears that the kids will follow suit.

The economy is a huge topic with many of our friends. Personally, I don't feel that a political party and the way they vote is responsible for the financial crisis today. Instead, I attribute greed and the expectations of wealth over the past twenty or so years as the problem. Our parents' generation believed in hard work and the American Dream. That dream was an education, a job, (that usually included health insurance) an adequately sized home, one car and the chance to build a better life than that of their parents. Credit just wasn't used. You saved for something until you could afford to buy it. My parents had all of this as teachers and provided us with a lifestyle that was just fine for that time period. We weren't rich but also not poor.

My opinion is that the general public now expects to have the huge house, the big screen TV and twice yearly vacations but do not have the means to have it all. This lifestyle is expected and people have borrowed themselves into a huge hole. It is not the government's responsibility to rescue everyone because of bad decisions. The average person knows what they can and cannot afford based on their financial situation. You base your spending on how much you make, not how much you want to make. Yes, catastrophic things can happen to a family such as an illness, death or loss of a job. That is when there should be a place for people to go to get short term help to get back on their feet.

Regardless of your stand on the war, I think it is our responsiblity as a country to support the men and women who are serving in our military. They deserve the entire country's respect and applause and to know that we as a country are aware of the important job they are doing.

I believe that the President of the United States is the figure head of our country. He is not the one who makes most of the policies but rather it is those in our House and Senate. He is not directly to blame for the demise of our economy just as those before him were not directly responsible for the highs and lows of our economies for the past 100 years. Just as it takes a village to raise a child it takes a village to build or destroy this country.

With that said, I support the McCain/Palin ticket. I feel that they represent more of what I want and hope for this country.

I will just throw this out there to see if anyone agrees. I am all for a flat tax instead of the current income tax. If everyone paid the same rate based on their income, without any deductions, I think it would be fair for all families. I have no problem paying my share but what exactly is that. We get very few deductions, we contribute a large amount to various charities as well as help support two other households just because we feel that it is the right thing for us to do. What would happen if everyone contributes financially to the running of this country with the expectation that the government will get it's finances in order.

I promise this is the longest post anyone will ever see from me!!!!

I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but...

politics confuse me. Or shall I say they bore me, so maybe that is what causes them to then, confuse me.

But I am still very interested in this years election. It does have my interest peaked, to say the least.

My parents are VERY, uh VERY Republican, oddly enough tho, they are registered Democrats, go figure, lol But they follow each and every article & news show about anything going on in the political world, and have been known to get quite angry at the TV or whatever is involved with the upcoming election.

I will not lie and say that I am comfortable with Obama as president, I think the thing that worries me about him is the religion issue, and that is kind of odd coming from someone like me, who is really not very religious herself.

What I hope for is that I can draw from each of you and LEARN more about the facts, the issues and the candidates.


A penny for my thoughts

Let me start by saying I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I like to vote for the person I think will do the best job. A strong leader. The last election I voted Democrat because I have a child with type 1 diabetes and stem cell research is a major issue to me. This year I am voting Republican. I really don't care for either of candidate but I think McCain is the better choice.

Hello from South Carolina

Hello All,
My name is Stefanie. I am the mom of two boys aged 15 and 13. I live in South Carolina, the most humid place on earth, or so it seems. I like living here but I do miss a good snowy Christmas like I had when I was growing up in Ohio.
I am a real estate agent and really enjoy my job. Real estate combines all the things I love; houses, design, talking to people, and negotiating. What more could I ask for. Oh yea..buyers!
I was raised Catholic but I really haven't been to church in a while. I am actually thinking of switching religions. I think that as long as you have God in your life, He really doesn't care where you go to church and choose to worship Him.
I stay busy with my boys, especially their sporting events.
We live on several acres of land and have horses and chickens. I love being able to look out the windows of my house and look at the horses, or going outside and petting them. That's about all the outdoor activities I enjoy.
Some of my interests include, reading, decorating, going out with the girls, the boys baseball and wrestling, reality TV, and blogging.
I am looking forward to contributing my opinions to Collage.

No surprise here.....

I'm voting for Obama. In my introduction post, I alluded to the fact that one had to be a card carrying Democrat to survive in my family, however, in 2000, I actually supported McCain. At that time, he WAS a maverick and appeared to walk beyond partisan politics to do what he thought was right. I watched him be persecuted and then sickeningly tow the party line there after. I lost a lot of respect for him, even though he still occasionally stepped outside party politics to do the right thing.

Why Obama, why now? It's time - for something different. For too long, we've seen what inside the beltway attitudes have done to this country. Now, I am not naive enough to think a president alone can change things. There has to be more sweeping change in the House and the Senate - we are stuck with such a close margin that no one should be surprised that not much has been done since the mid-term elections. The president can, however, set a precedent with policy and thought leadership. Our current president has done this, it's just that he's made a horrible mess of it all.

Those that claim that Obama lacks experience, think Lincoln. He too, had relatively little legislative experience prior to his presidency, but he had courage in spades and vision - and became one of our greatest, if not our greatest president. It takes vision, and I think Obama has that.

I'm lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to be in the 5% that won't see a tax break if Obama's economic policies are put into place. That's okay - it's worth it to see a sense of dignity come back to this country, to rethink our place in the world and get that 95% out from behind the 8 ball. We need some sort of sanity restored to our financial markets and a timeframe to get the US out of Iraq. It's time for us to stop being the policemen of the world and to pay attention to what we've ignored at home for too long.


I am registered as an independent. I cannot understand how people can choose a party and come hell or highwater they will never budge from that choice.

There have been good and bad Presidents from both parties. During the campaign the candidates say what they feel the majority wants to hear and time and time again campaign promises fall by the wayside.

I am going to vote for Barack Obama. Now please try to stay calm ....I firmly believe that it is time for an Afro American president. He is very intelligent, a great speaker and will bring much needed changes in our government.

I went to see Sarah Palin on Sunday when she visited my community. She has a beautiful family and is a great speaker. Her views on abortion really concern me. In the case of incest or rape no woman should be forced to continue her pregnancy. Sarah is a very strong woman but what about a young teenager who isn't emotionally able to handle this. A woman in this situation has suffered enough trauma.

I am very anxious to hear all the candidates in a debate I feel that can be very telling.

My 2 Cents

I am just plain ready for the election to be here and over with. However, with the VP candidates still new to the scene, we need more time. Ahhh.... but one can dream.

Personally, I am voting Democratic this time. When it comes to politics I try not to label myself. I call myself an independant. And I think every American should, too. When we label ourselves with the "Democrat" or "Republican" or "Green" or whatever and adhere strongly to their respective guidelines we only limit ourselves. And let others think for us.

I've only gotten to vote for president twice. I'm embarassed to admit that I voted for Bush the first time. I chalk it up to being young and stupid and not looking into things better. The second time I voted for Kerry. I was (and am still) ready for a change.

This country has gone straight to Hell since Bush has been in charge. And I'd say the same if he were a Democrat. He just S.U.C.K.S. I don't believe in sacrificing American blood for other countries' wars/problems/etc. It's unfortunate when other countries have dictatorships and such, but it's not any of our business and we have enough on our plate here in the USA the way it is. We certainly don't need more problems. And our enconomy has tanked. What else can I say about that? And the oil crisis. Somebody is making way too much money on all of us. And the government needs to grow a pair and stop it. It's ridiculous. The middle class is shriveling away and losing their asses, but the rich are getting richer.

Enough of my bitching, though. We were talking election, weren't we?

I'm making my choice for Obama this time. I don't think he's the perfect candidate, but overall I think he's got the "moxy" to take our country out of the pit we are in. I like that he's youngish, newish (but not too new) to public service, and he seems to have a way with people. In the global game of politics this is important. And Biden has been around long enough to handle the VP position easily.

I do not like his view on abortion. But I don't think McPalin is going to be able to get that outlawed if they get elected anyway.

And then there is McPalin. He's too old and hot headed. She's too new to the game. And personally I just don't think her ducks are in a row. As a woman I'd love to see a woman take office. But not a woman that has that much going on at home. She has an infant. When my son was an infant I was good to have a bath daily, let alone be 2nd in charge to the world's most powerful country. Not to mention her other kids. I would probably think differently if her kids were older. Am I holding her to a double standard? Maybe, but I just feel that moms should put family first.

Regardless of not being 100% satisfied with either team, I have made my decision. This country needs to take another route. Something different. Something never tried. Something newer and fresher.

But honestly, anybody could lead us better than W.

---By Mrs. D who you can also find @ dashofcrazy.

Campaigning Gone Wild

As passionate as I am about my beliefs, I have to say I'm heartily sick of this election. I hate to think of the money that's been spent on commercials, buttons, stickers, and swag. Think of what good that money could have done, had it been spent toward health care, education, or our faltering economy. I think that our country needs major campaign reform, starting with a specific time frame for campaigning. Seriously, this has been a two year presidential campaign!

That said, I'm a Democrat. Liberal. Bleeding heart, the works. I was a major Hillary supporter, but switched allegiance to Obama fairly calmly when she bowed out. The issues are more important to me than the person.

I believe that we need to have a national health care system. My family of four spends about $10,000 in health care premiums a year, and thank goodness we can afford it. There are so many who can't. I find that ridiculous. So many other nations have already figured this one out; I'm unsure why we're so far behind the curve. I'd love to see dramatic change in this area.

I am a passionate supporter of a woman's right to choose. To me, the issue is more medical than moral, and it scares me to death that this right to decide the fate of your own body could be taken away from us.

Environment is another big issue for me. I'm completely against drilling, regardless of how close to whatever shore it may be. The time is long past due for us to find and develop an alternative source of fuel. Let's end our dependence on the oil-producing countries of the Middle East forever, not just for the short-term. Trust me, living in Maine makesyou feel the oil situation keenly. We heat our homes with heating oil in the winters and have watched the price triple since we moved here.

I find all the candidates to be fine people in this election, although I will admit that Sarah Palin vaguely annoys me in one of those can't-quite-put-my-finger-on-it ways. I've always liked John McCain, but I liked him more when he was more openly critical of Pres. Bush's policies. Whether it's the case or not, it gives the impression to me that he's saying what he needs to now to get elected. I hope I'm wrong, because he's always been someone I've respected.

In this case, though, respect isn't enough for me. I feel like dramatic change is needed in our country, and that Barack Obama is the person who can effect that change. His VP choice threw me for a bit of a loop (I was holding out hope for Hillary to the bitter end!), but the more I research Biden, the more I like him.

It's interesting to me, that although we obviously represent a diversity of opinion on this blog, we all feel like change is necessary. We all honestly believe that our candidate is the one who will do the best job. As different as people's beliefs may be, I feel that we all come to them with a spirit of sincerity and hope. And difference in and of itself is never something to be belittled or ridiculed, but celebrated. That's America.


I am anxious to see John McCain and Barack Obama engage in a debate. I want to hear each of them describe why they think we should leave/stay in Iraq. I want to hear each of them say what they would do to lead us away from the edge of economic disaster. I'd like to hear, in their own words, what they think would be a good way to provide affordable healthcare to more Americans.

That said, I am leaning toward Barack Obama. I honestly think we are going to have to raise taxes in order make some things happen, and I would like to see us leave Iraq sooner than later.

But right now there have been so many 'he said, she said' ads on TV and in print, that it is hard to focus on any of the real issues. It will be interesting to see those two men have the chance for instant rebuttal.

I think, by the way, that they are both fine public servants. Not too many people want to grow up and be politicians anymore, do they? Just think, you'd have to have lived an absolutely perfect life, without so much as one mis-step, in order to really contemplate running for office.

You won't be seeing my name out there on the campaign trail, that's for sure!

author: Sarah, SAHM from Kansas. My other blog is:
The Chic Chauffeur's guide to Life in the Carpool Lane

Political Craziness!

It happens every November, especially during a Presidential Election year. The gloves come off and we all seem to stop being polite to each other.

I use to want to run for a political office...so did my husband. As the years go by and the political arena gets nastier and nastier, we changed our minds. Why would we want to set ourselves (and our family) up for the constant character assassination that assaults each candidate and their supportive family?

Why can't we focus on the facts? Why is it necessary to say awful, hateful things about a young girl who is facing a very grown up challenge?

Also, why is it that during the DNC, there were no reports of out-of-control demonstrators? No bomb threats...broken glass...riot police that had to use tear gas? But during the RNC...anyone that entered had to pretty much put their life at risk to enter?


I was raised by Republican parents and could not wait to register to vote. Did that on my 18th birthday. To me, being able to vote is a privilege and I take it very seriously. I like to listen and read about all the political candidates and then make an informed decision on who will be the best candidate for the job. Sometimes it is according to my Party lines...and sometimes it isn't. My views have changed and evolved with me as I have changed and evolved.

I plan to vote for McCain / Palin because I feel in my heart that they will both do what is best for our wonderful Country. He honestly wants what is best for our country and she does too. Both of them have children who are currently actively serving to protect us and our way of life.

Has anyone read up on McCain's background? Besides the knows facts that he was a Prisoner of War and has served in politics for many years... He married his first wife and adopted her two boys...treated them as his own. Together they had a daughter. Unfortunately, their marriage did not survive the strains of an awful situation...not just his imprisonment and torture, but also the adjustment of being back together after such a long separation. Today, they have a good relationship.

He is happily married to his second wife and together they parented some great children...not just the three children that they had together, but also his three from the first marriage as well as a beautiful daughter that was adopted from Bangladesh at a time when it was uncommon for foreign adoptions. They made the decision together for Cindy to stay in Arizona so that the children could have a "normal" childhood.

And speaking of Cindy...do you know about her? Have you read about all of the things that she has accomplished? What a strong woman she is? She may be a wealthy heiress, but she also does so many wonderful things for others. She has traveled the world helping others in need. She isn't a fragile woman, afraid to get her hands dirty. Did you know that she endured a couple of miscarriages, usually while her husband was away? Did you know that she fought an addiction to pain medication from a back injury and recovered? Or that she is recovering from a stroke? She is just as strong as her husband and I cannot imagine a better First Lady and role model.

Now lets talk about Sarah Palin. When McCain picked her as his running mate, I have to admit that I didn't know a thing about her. I had hoped that Joseph Liebermann would have been his pick. So, I spend some time learning about her...and the more I learn, the more I like her.

She is a wife and mom...someone that I can relate to. She is married to her best friend and they have a great relationship. Together they parent some really great kids. She first ran for political office in the early 1990s and has been able to lead her local and state governments as well as take care of her children. She is a breastfeeding mom to a special needs child and will soon be a proud grandma.

She may be new to big government, but isn't that what alot of people have been asking for? How many times have we heard..."Washington DC needs new blood?"..."get rid of the old timers and bring in fresh ideas"...I think she will do just that.

I could go on and on...but my time is limited. I have to leave and pick up my kindergartner. So in closing, I will just say this...

I am a firm believer that the McCain / Palin ticket will be exactly what our country needs. The two of them can bring us back together...Republicans and Democrats alike. Just give them a chance.

Our first topic of discussion...

Now that we all know each other, let's get the conversation going!

I'm going to start with a subject that's on everyone's minds these days...the upcoming Presidential election.

I have very mixed feelings about this year's race for the White House.

On one hand, I think it's great that there is so much enthusiasm. The whole country is buzzing with excitement. We've broken through some barriers this year. We have our first black candidate for the presidency. We have a young woman with 5 children running for VP. How cool is that?

On the other hand, I'm seeing alot of hatred. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable discussing my choice for President (McCain) with certain people. Friends of mine who are making a different choice have actually said to me..."I'm surprised you're voting for McCain, I thought you were smarter than that." Ouch.

I don't claim to be a rocket scientist, but I am a relatively intelligent well informed person. Each election I look at the candidates and choose the one that best represents my beliefs.

I have yet to find a candidate in ANY election who I agree with completely.

I believe in less government. I want lower taxes, not because I'm a selfish money grubber, but because I want the freedom to decide where my money should go. As a family, we donate our money to the charities of our choosing. I don't want the government making those decisions for me. I actually believe we should have a flat tax across the board. With the same percentage paid by everyone, regardless of how much they make. It'll never happen, but I like the idea.

Our nation's security is a critical issue for me. I hate what's going on in the Middle East, but we're in there and we can't just leave at this point. We need a leader who can help clean up the mess over there (as much as possible) and THEN bring our troops home. I believe McCain is the best candidate for this job.

I can't stand the stereotypes placed on each political party. Democrats feel that Republicans are big fat rich white guys who sit atop their piles of money squashing the less fortunate with their $500 wing tip shoes. Or that they are white trash, living in trailer parks, reading the bible and shooting their guns.

The Republicans will say that Democrats are bleeding heart liberals, who want everything in this country run by the government and don't believe in the principles of family, God and country.

Am I exaggerating? Of course I am, but I'm doing it to make a point.

There are some pretty harsh words getting tossed around, I believe unnecessarily.

Many of you are voting for Barack Obama. Good for you. I'm sure you have very good, very valid reasons for making that choice. I would love to hear why he's your choice, and I'd never attack you because your opinion might differ from mine.

Things are scary right now, and emotions are running high. Let's respect each other's differences and celebrate them instead of resorting to pointing fingers and name calling.

Isn't that what freedom of expression is all about?

Author: Jill, blog administrator, SAHM from NJ. My other blog...Caffeine Court.

Greetings From Asbury Park....

No wait, that's a Sprinsteen album. Greetings from NJ everyone. I'm MsMVNJ from Living Graciously in 3/4 Time. I'm a 46 year old divorced mom to two teenagers, ages 14 and 17. I work in the IT industry as an analyst - I get paid to express my opinion - but only about software. I'm from a very liberal family. Our joke was the Holy Trinity in our household was JFK, MLK and RFK. I still am usually on the left side of the aisle, however, being a mother and a single one at that has me looking at things from a centrist's point of view from time to time. I love my country, despite all of the scary activities happening today, where else would I rather be? Like any parent, I want every opportunity for my kids - especially because my eldest is autistic and that brings a new set of challenges every day.

I love to cook, play golf, see my family and friends as often as I can. I have a snarky sense of humor, I may tease the heck out of you, but I'm as loyal as they come. I have a rather diverse set of friends which hopefully will provide some entertainment for you all. I'm looking forward to active discussions!

Jill, can I be Whoopie sometimes???

Greeting From Sunny, FL!

This is Scarlet O'Kara from The Adventures of Scarlet O'Kara. Maybe on this blog I can know as my alter-ego, Julie The Cruise Director...

I am a SAHM in the twilight of my 30s...gasp! I will be married to my best friend for 10 years next month. We are parents to our Punkin Girls...Kyla, age 5...and Bryleigh, age 10 months. We are also Aunt & Uncle to countless nieces and nephews, both by blood and by love.

I am a Pennsylvania bred farm girl who had her childhood dream come true with a move to Sunny, FL. Have been here ever since, with two brief moves to the cold Midwest, because of my undying love for the husband, who is a Southern Illinois boy. Both times, he quickly came to his senses and we moved back. Now we have both vowed to live here until our Golden Years.

Besides my family and friends, I love my God...my Country...and my Gators! I was raised in various Christian Churches and feel at home in all of them. I was also raised Republican and like to say that I vote for the person who will do the best job. I spend time researching the candidates as well as what they can do for our wonderful Country. That means that I vote by my heart, not by my Party.

I love to cook and entertain. At least 3 - 4 times a week, I will have my entire family, as well as several friends over for dinner. Plus, if you ask my husband, I am always looking for a reason to celebrate with a party. Football season is the best because I can have 2 parties a weekend! Go Gators! Go Bucs!

If you want to know more about me...check out my 100 Things About Me post. Trust me, by the time you finish that, you will know more than you ever wanted to know about me...but hopefully you'll still like me.

Well, I guess that is enough for now...unless you have any questions.

Greetings from the Hoosier State

My name is T. I have two adorable daughters ages 6 & 8. I work for a non-profit and volunteer within many areas of my community. I am in my mid-thirties and have been married for almost 10 years! I am very active in my Catholic church community, but am pretty liberal in my political views, which sometimes can be very conflicting with my office environment and evangelical co-workers. I love to scrapbook and craft in general, although I can't draw a decent stick figure. I enjoy planning parties and I am a compulsive list maker. My children attend a private school in our town and are very busy in extra curricular activities (many blog posts to stem from this whole soup bowl!). I have a crazy (literally and figuratively) extended family that, I am sure will entertain the masses!

Hey there, Everyone!

I'm Lynette, I blog over at KooKooForCocoaPuffs I'm almost *gulp* 40, although my body is trying to beat me to my actual Birthday, since it seems to be falling apart one piece at a time here lately, lol

I'm married to Randy, and together we co-own four kids, LOL Two live with us, two live with his X wife. Two boys, two girls. 13, 13, 11 and 9. Yeah, good times...good times....hahaha

We live in Florida, which I have finally come to love. I have spent so much time hating this state and wanting out and now, I finally realize this IS home.

Religion wise, well, I didn't grow up going to church much, that was reserved for my summers when I spent time in VA with my relatives. I just know I was brought up in the Christian faith, and then later on in life, I chose, on my own, to attend and join a Methodist church, and later when I married Randy, started attending a Baptist church.

Politics....confuse me, lol Although I am finding myself VERY interested in this years election and all of its players!

And I am also becoming insane about sports too....is this what happens when you get older? LOL I find myself switching the radio station from talk radio sports, to politics...I think I am turning into my Dad, LOL The kids LOVE it, hahaha

I am looking forward to this blog, it sounds like so much fun!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hi everyone!

My name is Sarah. I am the SAHM of 4, living smack dab in the middle of the US. (I am originally from Southern Illinois, Mrs. D.) Before I gave it all up for the glamour of motherhood, I was a bank auditor, so I can be a tiny bit anal about things.

I am the rarest of birds, a somewhat liberal Catholic. That sounds crazy,huh? I am conservative where my own family is concerned (our children even attend parochial school), but liberal regarding what I think other people's choices should be! My everyday blog is The Chic Chauffeur.

My husband and I have been married 16 years. We are looking forward to the days when we can hang out on the weekends, sipping wine at outdoor cafes. But for now, with our kids being age 13 down to 6, (2 boys and 2 girls) our days are filled with chauffeuring, coaching and parenting! Although I am short on time, I am long on opinions, so I can't wait to see what gets thrown out here on Collage!

Senior Member

When did this happen???? The oldest of a group?

Hi, I'm Cyndy from Nebraska. I am not new to blog land, Quintessential Procrastinator which is my fun blog. Where I have meet some neat blog friends.
About me? I have 3 beautiful children who never stop to amazing me.My oldest daughter lives in San Diego and the middle son lives in Omaha and #3 daughter is stuck home with my husband & myself. Married to my husband for 15 years.

I work out of the home- I am a Mediator for the state. What I do mostly is help couples who are divorcing, who are in high conflict.I am traveling this week. Right now I'm in Valentine,NE, which is cowboy country.5 hours from my family, will be here 3 days.

Sorry to say I'm a conservative Republican- but very opened minded. Born & raised in the Presbyterian church.

Just got a new camera & wanting to learn about Photoshop... Love my bicycle and can do some amazing origami.

PS-this is the first time I've brought my lap top along and used wireless... who says you can't teach a old dog new stuff.
Looking forward to this new adventure.

Hello bloggy friends!

Hi ladies! I am Petunia.
This is so interesting. We are all different, yet similar.

Like Joy, I have a 7 year old daughter and 2 stepsons.
Like Kate, I live in the sunshine state.
Like Mrs. D, I would totally be Monica if I were a character in Friends.
Like Jenn, I love photography, shopping, reading, and love movies. (I'm not really into TV. I know a lot of bloggers love their shows, but I just can't seem to have the time to follow a show. Movies are better because I can press play and pause according to MY schedule!!)
Like Jaina, I was born Catholic.
Like Jill, I am not sure what religion I am now!!

I just thought that it was cool that I could identify with each one of you in one way or another! :-)
My blog is Petunia In Paradise.


Hi! My blogging name is Joy and I am new to blog land. I will be 38 tomorrow, Jaina we share a special day. The best Birthday present I ever received is my beautiful, almost seven year old daughter who was born the day after my birthday!

I live in the a state famous for their crabs(yes the ones that come from the Bay). I am married to a crazy, hardworking guy who always keeps me on my toes. I have 2 step sons, the oldest of whom is not around enough and the younger who we miss any time that he is away. My youngest boy is 4 and knows EVERYTHING so my job is done with him. LOL. Seriously, he is ADORABLE but following in his fathers mischievous ways. I have 2 dogs, one of which we rescued back in February, he was born on the streets of New Orleans and made it to a shelter with only one eye. Other than eating one of every shoe I own, he is adorable.

When I am taking a break from being a Mom, I assist in the miracle of birth, which is incredible each and every time I see it! I am thrilled to be a part of this new blog and am looking forward to some great reading.


My name is Kathy. I live in "The Sunshine State" we moved here from NJ 2 years ago.

I have 3 daughters all married with children. They have made me the Grandmother of 10

grandchildren who I love sooo much.

My husband's name is Bill we've been married for 44 years and both agree that staying married through good times and through bad is certainly worth it.

We are having so much fun being retired.
Oops I forgot we have a dog named Murphy (10 years old)
My daughter introduced me to blogging sometimes I wonder if she regrets it :)

Hi to all !! My email address is samwitt@aol.com

Ready to Post One For the Team!

Hello Blogland!!

I'm so excited! I'm Mrs. D and thrilled to be included as a contributor for Collage. (Sweet name, btw!)

Here's a little background on me:

I'm 29, married, and the mother to a hilarious 5 year old boy. He just started kindergarten and I just started back to work as a result. My job is as a reading program assistant at our elementary school. I love the job and it is great to be able to "go to school" with my son. I consider myself very lucky.

We live in a smalltown in a rural area in Illinois, surrounded by corn and soybeans. I am a Southern Baptist, and am slightly more conservative than liberal. I don't consider myself Republican or Democrat, I just follow the issues and my heart.

We lead a simple life, not Amish simple, but we aren't the Lohans, either. lol. I have a weird, sarcastic sense of humor. I looooove cats, especially my own. I love to bake. Neurotic, over analytical, and smart assed would be good words to describe me. I'd be George if I were a Seinfeld character and I'd be Monica if I were a Friends character. lol.

I love blogging and am excited to see what will be on tap for those of us at Collage. You can find out more about me on my other blog www.dashofcrazy.blogspot.com.

Pleased To Meet You!

Hey, all. I'm Jenn, mom to two girls (ages 8 & God-help-me 11,). Along with my husband and two cats, we all live in Maine. By choice, which seems to freak a lot of people out. Seven years ago, we picked up and moved out here from Arizona, essentially swapping out desert sandstorms for blizzards. We've never regretted it, although I do confess that I occasionally miss good Mexican food and 70 degree January days.

I'm a former high school teacher turned SAHM. Now that my kids are elementary age, and I probably should get a job, I've decided to try my hand at writing a novel. (Seriously, I'll do about anything to keep from going back to work).

I also love photography, shopping, travel, reading, and I'm a complete movie whore. I'll watch just about anything. Unless it's about football, which I am completely incapable of understanding. I've tried. It ain't happening.

I think this is an awesome idea that Jill has come up with, and I can't wait to read everyone else's introductions!

Reporting In

Hi! I'm Jaina, my other blog is Looking Through the Lens

As of tomorrow I'll be 23. I recently graduated college, and am currently soaking up the sun in San Diego while working at the tech center for my alma mater. I love working with computers and spend WAY too much time online.

I was born and raised Catholic, and tend to be on conservative side of the political spectrum. I'm currently exploring and growing in my faith. It's a process, but one that I am enjoying and learning a lot about myself along the way.

Music is in my blood, I'm fairly certain it's genetic. I also love photography and enjoy experimenting with my digital camera. There's still a lot to learn, but I'm working at it. One of my other favorite things to occupy my time is crafting. Michael's is dangerous to my bank account. I love making things, not only is it fun but I also find it extremely therapeutic and relaxing.

I guess that's about it, I'm excited for this new blogging project. Let me know if you want to know anything else about me.

Roll call!

I'm so glad that we have lots of interest in this new experiment!

To get the ball rolling, let's get to know each other.

I'm Jill, my other blog is Caffeine Court.

I'm mom to 2 girls ages 5 and 9. I've been married 10 years to my husband Brad.

We live in Central Jersey near the beach. I'm moderate in my political beliefs, and I was raised Catholic. I'm not sure what religion I am now, but I love reading books on Buddhism.

I'm a huge animal lover, we have 2 dogs and 1 cat. If my husband would let me have more and I could hire someone to clean out the litter box and pick up the poop in the backyard I would have 5 dogs.

Okay, enough babble. Let's find out who's on the team...

Please introduce yourself with a post!