Thursday, September 25, 2008

Aside from the obvious

I have a great life. My husband and two wonderful daughters make me happy in everything they do. I have so many friends who either do not have a special someone to share their life with, or are yearning to have children of their own, that I have to find beauty even in the faults of my family. Aside from that, I found happiness in some alone time this morning. My husband packed my daughter's lunch, he took them to school. I drank a Vanilla Coke, read the paper, and finished an episode of America's Next Top Model, all in the peace and quiet of my house. That made me very happy.


Caffeine Court said...

That sounds wonderful. And you just reminded me that I haven't had my morning Diet Coke yet!!

Anonymous said...

That would make me happy too! Only I'd have a Diet Coke;) LOL