Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hello from South Carolina

Hello All,
My name is Stefanie. I am the mom of two boys aged 15 and 13. I live in South Carolina, the most humid place on earth, or so it seems. I like living here but I do miss a good snowy Christmas like I had when I was growing up in Ohio.
I am a real estate agent and really enjoy my job. Real estate combines all the things I love; houses, design, talking to people, and negotiating. What more could I ask for. Oh yea..buyers!
I was raised Catholic but I really haven't been to church in a while. I am actually thinking of switching religions. I think that as long as you have God in your life, He really doesn't care where you go to church and choose to worship Him.
I stay busy with my boys, especially their sporting events.
We live on several acres of land and have horses and chickens. I love being able to look out the windows of my house and look at the horses, or going outside and petting them. That's about all the outdoor activities I enjoy.
Some of my interests include, reading, decorating, going out with the girls, the boys baseball and wrestling, reality TV, and blogging.
I am looking forward to contributing my opinions to Collage.

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Caffeine Court said...

Thanks for your posts! I look forward to working together on this new project!!