Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hey there, Everyone!

I'm Lynette, I blog over at KooKooForCocoaPuffs I'm almost *gulp* 40, although my body is trying to beat me to my actual Birthday, since it seems to be falling apart one piece at a time here lately, lol

I'm married to Randy, and together we co-own four kids, LOL Two live with us, two live with his X wife. Two boys, two girls. 13, 13, 11 and 9. Yeah, good times...good times....hahaha

We live in Florida, which I have finally come to love. I have spent so much time hating this state and wanting out and now, I finally realize this IS home.

Religion wise, well, I didn't grow up going to church much, that was reserved for my summers when I spent time in VA with my relatives. I just know I was brought up in the Christian faith, and then later on in life, I chose, on my own, to attend and join a Methodist church, and later when I married Randy, started attending a Baptist church.

Politics....confuse me, lol Although I am finding myself VERY interested in this years election and all of its players!

And I am also becoming insane about sports too....is this what happens when you get older? LOL I find myself switching the radio station from talk radio sports, to politics...I think I am turning into my Dad, LOL The kids LOVE it, hahaha

I am looking forward to this blog, it sounds like so much fun!


Mrs.D said...

Nice to meet you! I'll be stopping by your blog to check it out today. See you around! :-)

Scarlet O'Kara said...

Just making the rounds...

I look foward to checking out your other blog and learning more about you.

Jaina said...

Nice to meet you Lynette. I'll be over to your other blog to get to know you better. :)