Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I am anxious to see John McCain and Barack Obama engage in a debate. I want to hear each of them describe why they think we should leave/stay in Iraq. I want to hear each of them say what they would do to lead us away from the edge of economic disaster. I'd like to hear, in their own words, what they think would be a good way to provide affordable healthcare to more Americans.

That said, I am leaning toward Barack Obama. I honestly think we are going to have to raise taxes in order make some things happen, and I would like to see us leave Iraq sooner than later.

But right now there have been so many 'he said, she said' ads on TV and in print, that it is hard to focus on any of the real issues. It will be interesting to see those two men have the chance for instant rebuttal.

I think, by the way, that they are both fine public servants. Not too many people want to grow up and be politicians anymore, do they? Just think, you'd have to have lived an absolutely perfect life, without so much as one mis-step, in order to really contemplate running for office.

You won't be seeing my name out there on the campaign trail, that's for sure!

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jenn said...

I agree - bring on the debates! I'm tired of the slick ad commercials; I'd love to see the candidates face-to-face, really hashing out the issues.

Jaina said...

That's the worst part. Why is it so hard for people to run a clean, non-name calling finger point campaign?