Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but...

politics confuse me. Or shall I say they bore me, so maybe that is what causes them to then, confuse me.

But I am still very interested in this years election. It does have my interest peaked, to say the least.

My parents are VERY, uh VERY Republican, oddly enough tho, they are registered Democrats, go figure, lol But they follow each and every article & news show about anything going on in the political world, and have been known to get quite angry at the TV or whatever is involved with the upcoming election.

I will not lie and say that I am comfortable with Obama as president, I think the thing that worries me about him is the religion issue, and that is kind of odd coming from someone like me, who is really not very religious herself.

What I hope for is that I can draw from each of you and LEARN more about the facts, the issues and the candidates.



Mrs.D said...

Is it his crazy ex-pastor that bothers you? I am not a fan of his, I'll be honest. But I am not holding it against him. I don't feel that particular preacher was a true representative of God. He used the pulpit for his own soapbox, and that is shameful. He obviously has issues he needs to work out. Privately.

Mrs.D said...

I mean, not a fan of "Rev" Wright. I am a fan of Obama. :-)

jenn said...

I was curious about what you meant by the religious comment, too.