Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My 2 Cents

I am just plain ready for the election to be here and over with. However, with the VP candidates still new to the scene, we need more time. Ahhh.... but one can dream.

Personally, I am voting Democratic this time. When it comes to politics I try not to label myself. I call myself an independant. And I think every American should, too. When we label ourselves with the "Democrat" or "Republican" or "Green" or whatever and adhere strongly to their respective guidelines we only limit ourselves. And let others think for us.

I've only gotten to vote for president twice. I'm embarassed to admit that I voted for Bush the first time. I chalk it up to being young and stupid and not looking into things better. The second time I voted for Kerry. I was (and am still) ready for a change.

This country has gone straight to Hell since Bush has been in charge. And I'd say the same if he were a Democrat. He just S.U.C.K.S. I don't believe in sacrificing American blood for other countries' wars/problems/etc. It's unfortunate when other countries have dictatorships and such, but it's not any of our business and we have enough on our plate here in the USA the way it is. We certainly don't need more problems. And our enconomy has tanked. What else can I say about that? And the oil crisis. Somebody is making way too much money on all of us. And the government needs to grow a pair and stop it. It's ridiculous. The middle class is shriveling away and losing their asses, but the rich are getting richer.

Enough of my bitching, though. We were talking election, weren't we?

I'm making my choice for Obama this time. I don't think he's the perfect candidate, but overall I think he's got the "moxy" to take our country out of the pit we are in. I like that he's youngish, newish (but not too new) to public service, and he seems to have a way with people. In the global game of politics this is important. And Biden has been around long enough to handle the VP position easily.

I do not like his view on abortion. But I don't think McPalin is going to be able to get that outlawed if they get elected anyway.

And then there is McPalin. He's too old and hot headed. She's too new to the game. And personally I just don't think her ducks are in a row. As a woman I'd love to see a woman take office. But not a woman that has that much going on at home. She has an infant. When my son was an infant I was good to have a bath daily, let alone be 2nd in charge to the world's most powerful country. Not to mention her other kids. I would probably think differently if her kids were older. Am I holding her to a double standard? Maybe, but I just feel that moms should put family first.

Regardless of not being 100% satisfied with either team, I have made my decision. This country needs to take another route. Something different. Something never tried. Something newer and fresher.

But honestly, anybody could lead us better than W.

---By Mrs. D who you can also find @ dashofcrazy.


jenn said...

I agree that we need to shift our focus to our own country's problems, and get the heck out of the Middle East. There's a reason why we're disliked around the globe right now. It's like the meddling neighbor who's up in everyone else's problems, but whose son is doing meth in the garage, you know?

Steph said...

I don't believe in abortion, but I do feel it should not be illegal.

There are many reasons why people have to hava an abortion. Not all of those reasons are because they are irresposible.

If I felt that McCain/Palin would or could actually make it illegal, I would have a tough decision to make.

I do feel late term abortions should be outlawed.

The Chic Chauffeur said...

I strongly disagree with abortion, but do not think that it will ever see the political light of day, despite what the politicians keep telling us, to try to win us over.

I think the topics that stand a chance to get changed should probably be the ones we focus on, and pray for a change of heart as a country as far as the abortion thing goes.

phew! I have never been this political on the internet! ever! I better buzz over to perez hilton for a reality check :)

Jaina said...

I like your opinion on labels and such. I'm registered Republican, but I do vote with my heart and based on issues, I don't limit myself to the party of a candidate.

Mrs.D said...

Thanks for the comments! On abortion, I feel that in cases of incest it is understandable, but I still feel strongly that it is taking a life, wanted/traumatic or not. In the case of a rape, then the "use in less than 72 hrs pill should be used". Once a baby is fertilized and growing, I just can't justify that. And late term abortion is AWFUL. No matter the case. But the abortion law will probably never get changed no matter what we think. :-(

One thing is clear though, let's get the heck out of IRAQ!!!