Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An Independent Voice of Confusion

Yes, that a very good description of me right now. I am confused about so many things. But first an introduction. I am Debie, of A Devonshire Design and I am approaching the big 50 in an accelerated manner. ( at least that's how it feels!) I am married, I have a wonderful son 16, 2 steps, a daughter in law and 2 beautiful granddaughters. I am in corporate life today, but tomorrow it may all change.

I am registered as an Independent and over the years I have voted for Ronald Reagan, John Anderson and considered everyone who ever ran at least for a time. I was a McCain supported back in the day, but his Bush-leanings have moved me away. And that was before he chose Ms. Palin.

Maybe no one wants to say it out loud, but aren't some of you really concerned that she could be just a heartbeat away from being our President? I wanted to see a woman President, but not just any woman.

I was a Clinton supporter - both of them, I like their stands on issues and felt that she would be a tough woman in the right role. But, I never wanted her as the VP candidate once we knew she was not the nominee.

So I am supporting Obama. I have read his website side to side and up and down, I have listened to speeches, I have compared his views to mine and I can back him. I also like Joe Biden as his running mate, I think he will be a good complement to the idealism Obama brings forth.

I will listen intently to the debates and hope for more than sound bytes and sniping. I will continue to try to think independently and with an open mind and heart.

And then come November 4th my confusion will clear.


jenn said...

When McCain first chose her as his running mate, I felt completely confused. How many years have I waited for a woman to be on the ballot? But, no. Not this woman.

I am extremely suspicious of why they're guarding her so closely from the press. Let's hear what she has to say, not in glossy little sound bites, but in real unscripted debate.

Scarlet O'Kara said...

Very nice to meet you...