Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Better late than never right?

Shoot- sorry for being so late with this but really, if you knew the reasons, you'd understand why I'm late!

Anyways, I'm Mrs. K., I'm 39 (gah!), a mother and wife. My daughter is 9, and I've been married for 1 year this December (previously engaged to her father but decided it wasn't for me so....).

I live in South Florida, but consider Boston my home (even though I was born and raised in Puerto Rico). I don't know why, but I spent more time in Boston than in PR so there you go. I love the North and would love to go back but my husband (who is from South Africa) is not akin to cold weather. Bah...I'll get him to change his mind someday!

I'm opinionated when I'm passionate about something (like everyone else) and I'm passionate about my family, tennis and apparently blogging. So nice to meet you!


Caffeine Court said...

Hey there!

I didn't know you lived in Boston. I love it up there, one of my best friends lives in Wellesley.

Let me know if you have any topic ideas. I want stuff that gets people fired up!

Scarlet O'Kara said...

Welcome...and I just have to say that I side with your husband...give me Sunny, FL over the Frozen Tundra any day!