Friday, September 26, 2008

Live from New's Caffeine Court!

I had big dreams as a kid. I didn't think about a logical career choice, like being a nurse, or a teacher. I had to think UNATTAINABLE!!

I've always loved comedy. I devoured Mad Magazines and covered my bedroom doors in Wacky Pack stickers. Every Sunday night I listed to "Dr. Demento's Comedy Hour" on the radio.

At night I watched "The Carol Burnett Show" and "Laugh In."

But my favorite show by far, was Saturday Night Live, and I totally pictured myself writing for it and sitting at the desk anchoring "Weekend Update." My childhood dream was to hear Dan Ackroyd say to me "Jill you ignorant slut!"

I curse Tina Fey. "Damn you Tina! You stole my job!"

I even went so far as to move to New York and perform comedy and improv at dive clubs all over the city.

When I hit 30 I put an end to it. It was like the day I quit smoking. I just got sick of it, and threw it away. I got a normal job, got married and had a baby.

Those days in the comedy world were tons of fun. The closest I got to SNL was sitting in the audience. Which is okay with me.

Footnote: A lady who lives in my town WAS on SNL. She was on at the same time that Phil Hartman and Chris Farley were on it. I love her. She is absolutely hilarious. Her son played soccer with my daughter. I'm so bummed my daughter quit soccer, because I don't see her anymore! I wanted to be her best friend. Another dream of mine that never came true. :)


Scarlet O'Kara said...

You always have me laughing...and I thank you for that.

Mrs.D said...

I wanted to be on SNL too! (I still do. I grew up watching it in the 80s and 90s and loved it. (Appparently I've had a smart assed sense of humor since childhood.) I would even make my friends "do skits" with me and we'd videotape them. Of course we totally sucked, but I loved doing it. Who was the lady? The red haired Fallon lady? Or Melanie Hutsell? And what show did you get to watch? You did stand up? Wow, I'd NEVER have the nerve. Way to go!

simplynotso said...

You could have done it but I am glad you gave us your hubby and girls instead. I can say that because I get you to make me laugh every day. BTY it is your turn to come south:)

Linda S said...

That's so funny, and so cool! I'm happy to start every comment with "Jill you ignorant slut" if it makes you happy! I had a mad crush on Chevy Chase!

jenn said...

I'm so jealous that you even sat in the audience at SNL!

Mrs. K said...

who knew you were a comedian!!?!?!?! ok fork it over- what was your favorite joke?