Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yes, Yes, Yes...I am for making yourself happy!

I believe in making yourself happy. And if doing that means plastic surgery, then I say - go for it!

I have had a tummy tuck. Why? Because no matter that I could do 100 crunches without blinking, after a C-Section I could not lose the tummy flab. And I hated it.

Hated it.

S I saved my money, interviewed several plastic surgeons and chose a woman doctor who seemed to understand how I felt. And I loved it.

Loved it.

I instantly felt more attractive and more confident in my wardrobe choices. I loved my flat belly and it took me down the road when I have now lost over 25 more pounds since the surgery. I love how I look in a bikini, a short dress, a tight dress, jeans.

The best part? My DH did not find me any less attractive before or after. He was blind to the whole thing I had going on in my head. Because that's where it was - im my head. He wanted me no matter what. And now I could return that feeling fully, no self confidence issues.

My bottom line - if it will make you happy - YOU - then go for it. Don't do it for anyone but YOU.

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Caffeine Court said...

I agree. If you do it for yourself and no one else..I say go for it!