Monday, October 20, 2008

What Am I Afraid Of?

Snakes, lizards, did I say snakes?

Flying (well, I'm not exactly's a control makes me uncomfortable but I'm getting better as I've had to do a fair amount of it in the last couple of years)

Fire...not fireplaces and candles...forrest fire...the really destructive kind.

Losing my family...I know I can't control that but the thought of something happening to my husband or one my of children...

Hospitals...make me go into a room where a person is hooked up to wires and tubes and I WILL have a panic attack.

And I'm not wild about the dark if I'm home alone. That about sums it up!!

1 comment:

Caffeine Court said...

Snakes seems to be pretty high on the list! Is it Freudian?