Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Naming my boys!

Was actually very easy. The only one that was a struggle was my oldest son. My husband (now X) and were young. He was stupid. LOL I mean, he was coming up with names that only a dumb person would, the one that pops into my head and I will never forget is Azreal. Wasn't that the cats name on the smurfs? Come on people...let's be for real.

He ended up choosing Zachary, which I love. And it was his idea to give him Parker as his middle name, as my Father was an only child, and only had daughters, so that name was pretty much done, you know. I loved the idea.

We lost Zachary when he was four days old, and then later had a miscarriage, and really didn't expect to have anymore kids. It just didn't' seem to be in the cards for us. But we did still talk about names. We were visiting an old family cemetery on his side of the family and as soon as we saw his Grandmother's maiden name was Reese....that was all she wrote. We knew if we did have another son, he would be Reese.

And so that is how we ended up with Reese. And we kept the middle name the same as Zachary's.

Then came the last boy...I had always wanted to name a child after my Grandmother, MaMaw, could walk on water as far as I was concerned. But since he was a boy, Annabelle just wasn't going to work, you know? So, we chose her maiden name; Griffith. We toyed with another middle name, but felt that since the first two had Parker, it seemed wrong to use another and well, in the end, I LOVE all of my boys names!

I love how people use family names for their kids, maybe it's just how I roll, lol

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jenn said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your son. That must have been an incredibly rough time for you.

I love all your boys' names!