Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The World is least mine

I grew up feeling uncomfortable thinking about people being gay. I grew up thinking that everyone I knew was heterosexual, I was wrong. As an adult I have learned that my loving Uncle was gay and felt that he had to hide it from his family. He died, still not coming out to us. The thought makes me so sad. Now, I am determined to teach my children to accept everyone, whatever their sexual orientation is, whatever their race is, whatever difference they have from us. I am still growing and I will grow and learn with them. I expose my children to all different types of people. I try to teach them that the world is a wonderful place because we are all different and that makes it interesting. (I am still working on my husband)

I also believe that you are born with your sexual orientation predetermined. However, I believe that in some cases people choose to be gay for other reasons.


Sabrae said...

I commend you for keeping your kids on the right track to show them that its ok. I am gay as I mentioned in an earlier post comment I left you. Being gay has almost always been a part of my life. But it wasnt til a failed marriage that I realized who I truly was. But just becuz I'm gay doesnt mean I'm different than anyother person out there :) So I want to say thanks! It parents like you that will help the future generations to not be so hateful! Lost of love!

Kate said...

I think of it this way (and I'll admit - it's very simplistic so I hope no one is offended) if you love strawberry ice cream and it has been your favorite your whole life or you realize you like strawberry ice cream after trying other kinds that just weren't your favorite, or you had a bad experience with chocolate ice cream and now only eat strawberry - it doesn't really make a difference. It's what you love now.

Who you love is who you love. The how & why whouldn't matter to anyone that isn't IN the relationship.