Friday, October 24, 2008


I have two children and the way we came about our names were pretty simple. #1 It had to be two syllables or less (I have a long last name). #2, it had to be pretty common - my name is somewhat off the wall and my sister's is even weirder. So..we came up with Matthew Alan for our son. Matthew for my father (Marvin - no way would I name him that). and Alan because I wouldn't consent to a Jr. My daughter Rachel was to be Hannah, but she was born on my best friend's mother's birthday, so we named her Rachel for Ruth. Her middle name is Susan, same as mine.

Now I selected these names because they were traditional solid names. My daughter wishes she were named something bizarre like Dweezil, and my son just wants me to call him "Cobra". I run through the gamut when I call them (sometimes I include the cats names!), most of the time, it's "Hey, you..." ;-)

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NJDecorator said...

Dweezil? That is so not Rachel - Moonglow - maybe...