Saturday, October 18, 2008


Yes, I am in fear of myself, or at least what I will say in small talk.

I have had a wonderful life of always having people I loved around me, that accept me for who I am. At the very least, in most new situations I have had at least one of these people to rely on. Now, with my daughter just starting out in school, meeting new parents etc... I find myself putting my foot in my mouth way too often.

You see, I come from a very sarcastic, teasing way of life and this is not always welcome in all social situations. For example, last night as I was talking to a small group of woman, one was talking about her new Nanny and how she does EVERYTHING, taking care of the children, cleaning, cooking, laundry and how all her friends were jealous. As we were talking a little girl came up to her and asked her where she could wash her hands, and she replied " I have no idea" to which my reaction was to her, "Yeah, you should have told her to find the Nanny to do it!" (insert my own laugh). As you can imagine, there was a very uncomfortable silence.

This is why I am in fear of least what comes out of my mouth that is not filtered:)


Kate said...

What you said to that woman was perfect she was obviously bragging and you gave her some food for thought. So instead of fearing yourself feel good about yourself.
Sarcasim and teasing when they are hurtful is mean but in many cases it puts people in their place.

Sabrae said...

LOL!!!!! Never live in fear of what is on your mind!! Speak it girl! LOL I would have said the same exact thing!!!

Caffeine Court said...

You speak the truth and you're funny. People who don't have a sense of humor and who take themselves too seriously can't handle that. I would have laughed if I heard you say that. Too bad we don't live closer.