Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hmm...what ticks me off?!

SOO many things tick me off! Really, one might think I'm the angriest person alive if I listed everything, huh? LOL I'm not really, I just let things get under my skin more so than others I guess.

  • People who think because they have a title they are Holier Than Though and should be treated as tho they are the highest of importance. I'm not talking about people with titles such as Doctors, or Lawyers. I'm talking about people who VOLUNTEER for a position, then think because they are doing this "out of the goodness of their heart" we should bow down to them and kiss the ground they walk on. Nope, not happening here people!
  • Father's who forget they have a family from their first marriage. These guys claim to still love & cherish their children, but yet still put them last on the list of priorities and the cry when the kids do the same towards them!
  • Liars. I am pretty sure that everyone knows a "liar" and knows where I am coming from on this one, right?
  • People who are always right, or think they are right. Doesn't matter the subject, or whatever, they know it all. As my husband says "they've been there, done that", but not really, they just think they have.

See, I told you there were a lot of things that tick me off, I'll just stop here so you guys don't think I'm the angriest person alive, LOL


Scarlet O'Kara said...

Oooh...those get me going too!

Does Anybody Hear Me said...

I just found your new blog! Why didn't you tell me you had another one?
And NO you are not the angriest person alive. That title belongs to ME. You KNOW the crap I am dealing with!!hahahaha!!

Does Anybody Hear Me said...

Is this lynette? If not, I got here somehow by clicking on her picture. Now from reading some other stuff I can't figure out if this is you or not! See...another thing I can be angry about! Woe is me....

Rhea said...

Hypocrites drive me nuts. And those holier than thou people.

Is this a new blog?

Caffeine Court said...

I see some of your friends are interested in Collage. If they want to join in tell them to send me their e-mail addresses and I'll send them invites!