Wednesday, October 15, 2008


My fear is that I will be a failure as a Blogger. I almost gave into it today and resigned. But I took a deep breath dusted myself off and will continue to Blog. It's like the fear of being unpopular. I check each day to see if anyone has read my Blog but it's usually only my faithful daughters.
Please don't take this as a pathetic attempt to pick up some followers. I am just being honest.
Oh flying scares me but I do it all the time the thought of crashing is there on take off and landing. When there is a plane crash I read every detail which stays with me forever.
I was also terrified when my girls were teenagers that they would die in a car crash. They are all mothers now so Thank God all that worrying for nothing.


Mrs.D said...

Keep trying and keep networking. I got all bummed after a week of blogging (and like 3 visitors) and deleted the whole thing in a fit of discouragement. Then in a matter of weeks, it took off a bit. Don't give up! Remember the blog is really for YOU anyway, the readers are icing on the cake.

jenn said...

I totally hear you. I've got a private blog to update out-of-state family on my kids, but I secretly want to start a public blog. I'm petrified of rejection and that no one will read it.

Mrs. D. has a good point, though, the blog is really for YOU.

Caffeine Court said...

I'm going to get in the car to go grocery shopping. Start worrying.

But seriously, keep up networking and eventually you'll get more blog traffic. It takes time. Now go play golf.

Sabrae said...

Oh stop... you have a forever type of fan in me :) I love your blog becuz you like gay people :) j/k but seriously.... I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

Sass said...

I'm trying to find your blog!!!

Where is it?!?!?!

La Pixie said...

I blog for me, too, but I sometimes read other people who talk about 500+ visitors A DAY, and Im like, sheesh, can I get a lil love?? LOL

my Boyfriend says "just keep at it. if you enjoy blogging, readers will come. theyll pick up on if you are happy to blog." so let me pass that on to you! =)

La Pixie said...

oh, and also, you should really give love to the faithful readers that you do have!

I heart my Sass, Mrs D, MCU and Bambi!!! my blog would be lonely without them!

simplynotso said...

Your posts on Collage are fabulous.... try doing some blogs on the topics that you have covered here:)We are in this together.