Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I asked for topic suggestions and you really delivered. Here's a topic suggested by jenn. "What are your phobias?"

We all have phobias. When I was a child I was REALLY afraid of heights. My legs would shake whenever I was up too high on the monkey bars or whenever I went to the top of a tall building. Now, it's no problem at all. Heights don't bother me in the slightest. I cruise right on up to the top of the monkey bars every day now, knocking down any little brats who try to beat me there!!! :)

My husband has (in my opinion) an irrational fear of snakes. He can't even look at them on TV. When we go to the zoo I try to break him of it. I chide him to come into the reptile house. "Be strong.." I tell him, "overcome it." But he can't. Hmmmm. My uncle is a psychiatrist and he's tried to explain how deep rooted these fears can be. And that all the logic and persuasion in the world can't change a fear.

My phobia now? Well...if you can call it a phobia I would say the fear that one of my children or one of my pets will be hit by a car. If we're out front I can't take my eyes off Catherine (my 5 year old). I have these horrible visions of her running out in the street, just as some busy mom in an SUV comes barreling down the street on her cell phone. It freaks me out.

How about you?


Sabrae said...

OHHHH WHAT A POST! LOL Phobias... hmmm lets see...Snakes, can watch them on t.v. but can't go near them in person. Water, let me clarify.... I WILL NOT go in water that I can't see the bottom of... (i like to know what is swiming around me) Heights, went to the top of the Empire State building once... freaked me out! Driving, gives me hives (bad car wreck last year) lol there are more but i wont bore you :)

scargosun said...

Spiders. I realize most people don't like them but I get dizzy with fear when I see them. I used to be much much worse about them.

Stella said...

Deer. Yes, Bambi-like deer. DEATHLY afraid of them. Won't even get out of the car if they're on the lawn or I can see them.

Heights. Small spaces. Deep water. Bridges. Bugs.

Sally said...

Bridges & mice. Not necessarily in that order.

K and/or K said...

I just blogged a mjaor fear of mine. Animals in trailors on the freeway! Freaks the heck out of me--I speed past and hold my breath and think happy thoughts. I know, strange.