Monday, October 27, 2008

8 Letters, what was I thinking?

I have a very easy 4 letter name. DH has a very easy 3 letter name. For some strange reason I thought it would be best to give our children these wonderfully long, traditional names. Little did I realize how much a pain in the ass it would be to teach them to spell and write their names! Our oldest daughter is Mary Kathryn (2 first, no middle). While pregnant I wanted Claire and my husband wanted Mary so I compromised at Mary Claire, which he then axed because it sounded too"snobby" (snobby, come on, she was born in Connecticut!). Playing around with the Mary theme, we put Mary Kathryn together- his aunt's name being Mary and my grandmother, Kathryn. We call her Mary Kate for short, which inevitably is always followed in public by a , "where's Ashley?" Our second daughter is Caroline Flora. I know very cabbage patchy. We loved the name Caroline while pregnant with DD #1, but had already decided on MK. So, 2 years later when we found out we were having another girl, Caroline it was. Flora is my DH's grandmother's middle name, and we thought it sounded equally as feminine as Caroline.


Amy Kate said...

Iknow the feeling. I'm an Amy, he's a Mike. Last name is 5 letters. So why did we burden our daughters with "Charlotte Elizabeth" and "Eleanor Lucille"?? Because we knew there'd be days we wanted to make them suffer, and their names are the way to do it!

greeneyesmcl said...

I'm highly insulted, my name is Mary Claire and I hardly consider myself a snob.

Ashlee said...

We had the Claire/ Ella/ Emma/ Issabelle battle and somewhere we ended up with Georgia. It was my great grandmother's name, but it just wasn't right. It needed something.
We had discusses Isabella Kathryn when I was pregnant the first time (but it turned out to be a boy and Isabella definatly wouldn't work!) and Adam truly loved Kathryn. So now, we have a Georgia Kate!