Thursday, October 2, 2008

Don't Get Me Started!

Here's a list of some of the current issues that push my buttons:

  1. Having my (rightful) anger or frustration being attributed to "getting ready to start your deal" . Guess what "deal" that is? Guess whose blockhead husband says this? Having my anger, temperment, or bad mood belittled to being b/c of "female" problems is insulting. And no matter how many times I explain this, I just end up more and more mad, he still can't get it through his thick head, and it's a waste of time. Why do men say stupid stuff like this? You know, it could be b/c the lack of help, the demand on my time/energy, and being tired after working and then coming home and working some more that could be making me a bitch. Not hormones.
  2. People that feel that "no smoking" bans in restaurants and other public places tread on their rights as Americans. YES, assholes, you have EVERY right to kill yourself slowly and to stink like trash. HOWEVER, you DO NOT have the right to do so if it makes EVERYONE else around you have to breathe it, also (and stink). THAT'S treading on OUR rights to BREATHE CLEAN OXYGEN. So go smoke your cigarettes in your own house and leave the rest of us to breathe and smell nice.
  3. And for that matter, people who smoke in their cars when children are strapped in the backseat. You DON'T have to smoke. You might think you do, but believe me, you will survive if you have to wait 5 minutes to smoke. But go ahead and be a selfish ass and make others in the car cough, stink, and gasp. Especially those who have no control over their own lives.
  4. Insurance companies. Do I really need to elaborate? You pay them monthly/yearly without fail, and then they do everything in their power to not pay you when you have a claim. Nice.

I think I need to stop. I could go on and on, due to my "woman troubles" of course, but I will spare you all. LOL.


jenn said...

I think when I lunged for Hubby's throat the last time he asked, "Are you PMSing?" he finally got the picture. Grrrr.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! My husband is a pretty good guy, otherwise. But the blaming stuff on hormones makes me want to go nuts on him, Tazmanian Devil style.

Jaina said...

I hate it when things are unfairly blamed on hormones. And the smoking thing? I'm with you 100%.