Friday, October 24, 2008

A rose by any other name....

I am so gonna love this post!

My oldest is named for St. Augustine, but he goes by Austin. St. Augustine first resisted his mother's efforts to convert him to the Church. He even had a concubine! But he came around. I went to a Catholic college, and lived in St. Augustine Hall. His middle name is a family name, which is my father's middle name, and his mother's maiden name.

My second is named for Mary Magdalene (Magdalen), but she goes by Maggie. Mary Magdalene was one cool lady. Hey, just because you screw up your early years, doesn't mean you can't be a friend to Jesus. I hope all of my kids remember that. Her middle name is her Grandpa's name.

My third is named after the apostle John. He was the only one who stood by Jesus during the Passion, and Jesus made him the guardian of his mother, Mary. His middle name is after my husband's brother. He goes by Jack.

Our youngest daughter, though, has a beautiful story that goes with her name. By now, you are all thinking I am a religious nut. Really, I'm not!!!! After 3 kids, my husband was really through. I, however, thought I wanted one more child, but didn't want that issue to come between us. So I was in church one day, and I prayed that God would take away my desire for a 4th child. I heard a voice, as clear as if someone were sitting next to me, say, you are going to have a daughter, and her name is Grace. I was like, WEIRD. I must really want a kid. I am starting to imagine things. It happened that I was driving home to my parents that weekend, to take the kids to see their grandparents. As we returned from the weekend, I saw a billboard that I have never seen since, and had never seen before (and I have traveled up and down this path of I-70 a million times). It said GRACE HAPPENS. It was an ad for some religious group. 9 months later our daughter Grace was born. Her middle name is after my husbands mom.


jenn said...

Wow, your Grace story is amazing. It was meant to be!

Mrs.D said...

What an awesome story! Some things are truly meant to be.