Sunday, October 5, 2008

Does Pollyanna have a list like this??

Remember that Monte Python movie the Life of Bryan? Where the guys have the song...'Always look at the bright side of life..'? (That movie cracks me up, by the way). Well, my new years resolution this year was not to be such a negative Nellie. Make lemonade if I got lemons. You know the drill. And in case any of my fellow collagers start to get irritated.....I am not a super chipper person by nature. Really. Hence the resolution.

All that said, I am still participating in the Great Piss Off posting! I have to go there! Who can go through life and not get irritated, even if they are trying like crazy to have a positive mental attitude?

Mine is disrespect. That's a biggie I know. And kind of all encompassing. It would totally cover the lady who was not respectful of the other drivers on the highway when one of my favorite Jersey drivers was tooling around with her mother. It covers my sweet kids when they get a little sassy and ungrateful and are disrespectful to their beautiful momma, and it covers the woman at Mass who can not seem to break herself away from Father's riveting homily to take her SCREAMING child into the very nicely decked out cry room only 50 feet away from her pew, thereby disrespecting the entire congregation.

I think, if everyone just thought about the people around them a little bit, the world would be a nicer place. And it totally pisses me off when the rude SOBs don't.

Phew. I"m glad I got that off my chest. Back to the Happy Game, Aunt Polly!

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Scarlet O'Kara said...

Do you feel better? I did after I made my post!