Monday, October 13, 2008

No Regrets

Plastic surgery kind of freaks me out-the non-reversible stuff. I have to say genetically I have been blessed to look like my Mother's side of the family and not like Dad's.

But to due to my foolish youth I sun damaged my skin, so last year I had a Obagi Blue Peel to remove some bad pigmentation on my face. Loved the results. Will do it again,time permitting to be out of commission for about 4 days.

Last month I had some Restylane injected around my mouth. Bruised the crap out of my lips. But now I really like it.Don't know how long it will last?? Costs a butt load! No one even seemed to notice,which is good.

Will never go under the knife-NO WAY.


HeatherPride said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by The Short Bus!! Nice to meet you!

I had some plastic surgery to remove some tissue from under my arm, but I considered that a necessity and insurance paid for it, so they must have agreed! Not sure about the other stuff though. If I had the money and the recovery time I'd probably get my baby gut taken care of once and for all!!

Mrs.D said...

Oh I wish I could get some restalyne!! Lucky!!

Sabrae said...

I think that the only thing I would EVER go under the "knife" for is to get a boob reduction!!! lol that is if the wife ever lets me!!! lol