Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Name Game In My Family.

My husband and I had made the decision early in our relationship that our children would have the same initials as the parent of the same sex. Well, when we found out the wonderful news with our first child, our two name choices were Bryce Ellis and Kyla Lesley...but until the actual birth, the baby's name was Baby Carrot. At 38 weeks and a day, we were given the gift of a daughter. While I thought she would be the only Kyla in the area, wouldn't you know, the little girl next door to my parents' has the same name!

With our second pregnancy, we knew that our blessing was another little girl. We couldn't decide between another K. L. or B. E. name. At the baby shower, all the guest come up with their favorite name combinations. The front winners were Kendell Lauren, Kalista Lillian, Brianna Elizabeth, Brinn Emerson, and Bryleigh Eden, but until she was born, everyone called her Baby Chili Pepper. At 42 weeks and 2 1/2 days of labor, Bryleigh Eden was born. As of right now, she is the only Bryleigh in the area...that we know of...but her best little boyfriend down the street is named Riley.

Kyla's middle name is after my grandmother...who was such a wonderful and loving woman...just like Kyla. Bryleigh's name was a combination of my husband's first name and my middle name. So in essence, both girls have family names.


jenn said...

We called my youngest Doodle Bug before she was born, and the nickname stuck. Poor kid!

AngieS said...

My ex-husband calls my daughter Savannah, "Savannah Banana Meatball Eyes"! I have no idea why....