Sunday, October 5, 2008

Therapy Session: Anger Management

 WOW! I certainly can feel the anger being released when reading these posts!
Don't you all feel so much lighter?

Okay, her I go(deep cleansing breath):

* Parents who think that is more important to WIN or BE THE BEST than being a good, honest person

* Ex wives who think that just because they moved on to someone else that the children should also leave their father behind

* People who disregard cones in the road or requests to not pass in the carpool line

* Those who think being gay is because something happened to you as a child and don't believe that you are who you are and accept it

* People who can only see black or white and never understand the grey area

* Ignorant people 

* People who tell EVERYTHING to EVERYONE even if you specifically asked them not to

* Parents who do not teach their children respect for adults, responsibility, and also taking time to appreciate time at HOME,  instead over scheduling them

* People who love to focus on something negative about you to make themselves feel better

I feel much brighter now that I let that all out:)

Have an anger free day!!!!


Kate said...

Well said !! I want to post it on everyone's refrigerator on their bathroom mirrors on the dashboard of their cars so it SMACKS them in the face daily. Bravo

jenn said...

Hear, hear! Good ones.

Anonymous said...

You go girl! I'm not going to mess with you!!!!

Scarlet O'Kara said...

Very well done!