Saturday, October 25, 2008

The name is never easy

My former husband and I are of different religions and in my religion, you do not name children after someone alive, so that narrows the field quite a bit. We could not agree on a name (we knew we were having a boy) and it was a struggle. He wanted a solid name and I wanted a unique name.

For a while, he was Thomas William, then he was William Arthur, then Thomas Arthur. One day I had decided his name had to be Max and I started calling him that all the time. But my ex still wanted William or Arthur in the mix. So we named him William Maxwell, but we call him Max and he is registered in school as W. Maxwell.

I just don't like the name William, period.

But then I got to give him is Hebrew name and I named him for my father and grandfather - Tavi Israel. So It all worked out for the best.

And that's another cool thing about being Jewish - you get second chances with names.


Scarlet O'Kara said...

I have always loved the name Maxwell. Such a strong sounding name...

Sabrae said...

I like Christopher Michael and I am determined to name my son that when we have kids :) The wife doesn't like it but I will use the "labor/carried the kid for 9 months" card if I have to :)

jenn said...

Love the name Max! That was one of my frontrunners if I'd had a boy.