Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Flickering Eyelid

Sorry, it's metaphor time.

I have that twitch in my eyelid, the one that you can't control, that comes anytime it feels like it and makes you feel like the world can tell your eyelid is moving.

That's my life right now and it's the biggest irritant I have. I could call it "the broken mirror", because I'm pretty sure it started when I broke a mirror on New Years Day. So for the next 6 years and 3 months I can expect things to happen over which I have no control, that disrupt my life completely, that happen without warning and get better, worse and better all within the same day/week/month. And I can expect to feel like the whole world can tell my life is crazy even though I go to great lengths to appear calm, collected and together on the outside.

Right now, I can handle just about anything else. Not much else bothers me. I mean really bothers me. I guess it's a good thing. Meanwhile I really need to google *curse of the broken mirror*.

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Jaina said...

Ugh, twitching eyes are no fun. I've only had that once or twice. The one I remember is when I was beyond exhausted, drained emotionally, and really, really stressed and upset. I hope it gets better soon!