Friday, October 24, 2008

My Son's Naming

My son is named Kyle. When I was pregnant I had The List. You know, the massive list most expecting moms have. Especially first time moms.

I had Logan, Evan, Ryan, Brandon, Kyle, Collin, Carson, and many others that I can't even remember now. I was pretty undecided. I really like Ryan and Kyle. But was up in the air about it.

Clint had another idea. He loved the name Kyle from the very start. I don't know why. It's not a family name. But he was set on it. I was not positive. By the time I was 8 months along, we had pretty much decided on Kyle. It was on my top ten, so I was fine with it. And there aren't many Kyles in our town. Not like all the Jacobs, Conners, Ethans, or Aidens. I tell you, when a "new name" is used, everyone copies it. It's really annoying. So I was thinking an already established name like Kyle would be good. If I "thought up" my own cool, new name, everyone would "steal" it and then I'd be mad. (Yes, I was the kid growing up that would be extremely pissed when copied off of in school!) With Kyle I wasn't worried about that. I am only pissy about my original ideas. lol.

The middle name was another issue. I wanted to pass on my middle name. It's the same as my Dad's, and his mom's, and her uncle's. It's sort of special to me. But he adamantly refused. I think he thought it would be us "honoring" my Dad, when his dad or himself weren't "honored". Clint wanted to pass on his middle name. Then his Grandma died right before Kyle was born. And then he went (without asking me first) and told his whole freaking family that we were naming Kyle with his widowed Grandpa's name. You should've seen my face when I was asked about that at the funeral home.

I was all like "Hell no!!"

Okay, I actually didn't say that, but my face did. I was PISSED. Like, really pissed. I set that straight right then and there. You just don't do that. I felt sorry for his Grandpa too, but I wasn't naming my kid for him when my name wasn't good enough. Nope.

But I did cave into Clint's middle name. Whatever. Honestly, my middle name didn't flow well with Kyle.

But I have already decided the next kid's name (if ever we have one) and Clint can suck it. lol!


jenn said...

Your funeral home story reminds me of my husband's parents. When my MIL was still out cold from her c-section, my FIL took the opportunity to ditch the name they'd decided on and NAME HIM AFTER HIMSELF. I so would have divorced him for that.

Can you imagine??

Mrs.D said...

Oh my! I would've DIED. Wow. Reminds me of the man I saw on the news recently that ditched their baby's agreed upon name and named her Sarah Palin McCain whatever and the mom was PISSED when she awoke. lol.