Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Type A/B

Honestly, I am a bit anal about things. But I am also lazy. Soooooo.... I guess you'd call me a Type A/B.

I like things arranged just so. Symmetrical in space from one another. Preferably in anesthetically pleasing odd numbers. And I hate tiny flaws!! They just ruin otherwise perfect things.

But on the other hand, the cleanliness thing can be put off. I could let dust build up forEVER. Because I hate dusting. But the general appearance of the house is neat (with exception of the spare room.) Neat does not = clean, however. I like things to look arranged and orderly. Very orderly. I am an organizer. I love to organize stuff. I don't care much about the dust and stuff you don't see, though.

Until I get in a mood.....

Then I am psycho cleaning lady who cleans and organizes till it's all done. Perfectly.

See, I truly hate clutter. It makes me anxious. Our house is small, we don't have room for extra junk. The spare room is FILLED with stuff. But since I can shut the door, I don't let it stress me out. If I am in there more than 5 minutes, though, I get the urge to tackle it. But I usually put it off. There is no clutter in the rest of the house, though. Dust, yeah. Tumbleweeds of cat fluff, yeah. Clutter, hell no!!

Luckily we are on the same page in our house. Even Kyle is fairly neat. His Lego sets are all organized in their original boxes (and a ziploc if the box is falling apart, but he keeps the boxes for help on what the project is supposed to look like.) and they are in their own storage tubs. Then all the Star Wars stuff is in its own tub. And so on. With the exception of that damned spare room, our house is very organized.

I posted a picture from a shelf in my cabinets and one of the dreaded spare room. All the cabinets are arranged perfectly, labels out, and are not all mixed up (yes, I know that the green beans and corn are in the same row,as well as the mixed veggies and broth, but they share rows) lol. The spare room looks like a hurricane hit it. It gets organized and cleaned out 100% about twice a year. It's time is coming. Maybe this weekend.


Ashlee said...

This is soooo me! I can't stand clutter. My house is mostly total chaos but I know at the end of the day Caleb can put all of his cars in their assigned baskets, I can pick up the baby toys and things will look nice again.... And really, who cares if you dust?

Caffeine Court said...

I wanted to post pictures of some of the projects that I'm tackling, but I couldn't find my camera!! I did accomplish a ton though. You'd be proud.

The Nice One said...

Oh my gosh, I am not alone! I love it.
I am germ phobic and Type A when it's convenient. I love an organized pantry with everything facing the "right way". HOwever, I love blogging more. But that could change at any given moment. I may get the urge to organize and get it like yours!

jenn said...

I'm weird about the canned goods, too! I have very specific places for everything on the shelves, but it's probably the ONLY thing I'm organized about. You should see my makeup drawer!

Anonymous said...

HA! My makeup drawer is chaos too!!! But I can find EVERYTHING in it in a second.

Sabrae said...

This is so me as well!!! The hardest thing right now is we live in a one bedroom apt and everything we own is kinda jammed in here and it drives me crazy!!! I like things CLEAN AND NEAT! The wife on the other hand could careless and that is what drives me nuts! LOL I have come to learn that when she is off of work I don't bother to clean the house becuz it just gets all messy again in like 5minutes!!!