Sunday, October 5, 2008

Things that Annoy Me...How much time do you have???

1. Educators who don't really care about children. Listen HERE...your job is to make sure that children learn! It doesn't matter if you taught it 65,000 times...if the children don't learn it then YOU DIDN'T REALLY TEACH IT. You can spout out all of "parents don't care" and "society is a mess" and whatever else you want but the fact remains that children come to us, in may cases sleep-deprived, hungry, dirty, and unloved. If you can't deal with that and open your heart to do WHATEVER IT TAKES for ALL OF THE CHILDREN....even the ones who aren't so lovable then FIND YOURSELF A NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!

2. Cigarette smoke

3. People who are ugly and hateful about the political party that they disagree with. Everybody has a reason for why they think the way they's not for us to judge anybody elses motivation. We don't have to agree and I DON'T agree with many folks; however, they are entitled to their feelings. Let's all just calm down, why don't we...

4. Tommy Bowden

5. Tattletales

6. The holes in my front yard dug by the neighbor's dog.

7. Flying coach (which I do 99% of the time...but it annoys me nonetheless)

8. Whiny people (which I am right now but YOU ASKED!!)

9. Telemarketers

10. People who won't return phone calls...turn off your answering machine if you aren't going to reply

11. People who don't say "thank you"

That's it for the moment...I might be back on this topic later on!!


Scarlet O'Kara said...

Can I add Bobby Bowden to that list also?

Erika said...

I'm a teacher. I have taught lessons that I just know the kids aren't getting. When this happens, I can't just say "Well, they didn't try hard enough." Of course, you always have those few who just don't care and aren't going to try and aren't going to achieve as a result. But when the majority just don't get it, that's on me. I find a new way to do it and try again. I find that my students appreciate the fact that I take responsiblity for my part of their education, and that makes most of them take more responsibility for their part. When students feel that you are invested in them and not just invested in your paycheck and June, July, and August, they respond.

Caffeine Court said...

I love #11. Simple manners mean so much, and so many people don't have them.

"Thank you" for a wonderful post.

Chitown Meg said...

I believe the phone calls one is so true. I hate it when people don't call me back....and man thank yous go along way!