Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pores and Pimples

I am a recovering pore pusher/zit popper. It's inherited. My dad is worse than I am. I know it's gross. I can't stand to see someone else popping a zit. And I would never pop someone elses. But I can't leave my own blemishes alone!

Ever since I discovered my first pimple, I obsessed over every flaw and blemish. If it looked "ready" to pop, I'd push, squeeze, and press over and over until I made some sort of progress. Many times I'd do it before the blemish was "ready enough", thus making a bad situation much worse. They'd swell and turn ghastly shades of red and purple. I probably would have half the acne I have if I would just have a hands off policy.

I try to just not inspect my pores anymore. If I see a clogged pore I just want to mess with it. Then I end up creating a pimple where none probably ever would've been.

I have learned that when it is a "deep" zit, to just LEAVE IT ALONE!! I once poked and prodded an especially deeply embedded one where my cheek meets my nose and it swelled up so much that my eye was half shut. I looked like Quasimodo for about 4 days. It was horrible.

Maybe one of these days I will be acne free and this habit will be history. Then I can worry about my occasional nail biting.


Scarlet O'Kara said...

I too am a recovering blemish picker...sad, but true.

Now I just put triple antibiotic on any blemish that I see and within a day or two...all gone!

Caffeine Court said...

I love picking a nasty blackhead and watching all the gross stuff that pops out.

The drawback is exactly what you said, a red butchered face for 3 days!

jenn said...

Guilty, too! There just something so satisfying about it.

jaime said...

I'm not alone!? Did you ever go crazy on your face and then realize you had to go to the store? or answer the door? I do'nt have horrible skin, but would problably have great skin if i could just leave it alone! I've been using Murad skin care for a while now, and it is great.