Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hello, My name is the Chic Chauffeur, and I am a purse-aholic

If there were a self help group for women who have too many handbags, I would have to join. Actually, my dear hubs would probably stage an intervention, and force me to join.

Here's how things go... I will be shopping for something reasonable, and just make a pass through the handbag department at Nordstrom. And (please start humming the theme from Love Story here) THERE IT IS. A black handbag I have not seen before! I think to myself, sane still for a moment.. "why would I buy that purse? I have a perfectly fabulous black (insert name here...Kate Spade, Coach, Lamb, Betsy Johnson, Marc Jacobs....really, I could go on) purse at home." But it beguiles me. Perhaps a cell phone pocket that is different than the one in my stable. Whatever it is, it's got what it takes to knock the current black favorite out of rotation... Home it comes!

I must have been purse-challenged in my youth, and am going overboard now as an adult, to make up for whatever I think I missed out on in my teens.

And parting with one of my beloved bags. Ain't no way! I have tried to sell them on ebay, and actually cancelled an auction because I just couldn't go through with it. It felt as though I were auctioning off one of the kids (well, sort of.....)

So anyway, this post might brand me as shallow. To even things out: yes, we have 4 kids and a dog, and I love all of them (and the purse-anon hubs) way way way more than any material possession. But if and when I get a little pocket change, I always seem to stumble upon the MOST INCREDIBLE BAG in the world. And then, woops, there goes my willpower.

PS: Have you seen the darling Quilted Patent Leather Quincy bag at JCrew. The navy one is ON SALE!!! Sadly, I do NOT have any spare change at this time... But that purse is sweet!


Upkaran Gupta said...

Live it up Girl…. We all have our Vices…. It’s what makes us human….

Remember Dignity comes & goes but a Birkin Bag stays Forever….

Just Kidding…. HA Ha ha…..

NJDecorator said...

Ohhh...I so agree and you can add shoes to my list as well.

dizzblnd said...

Shelly??? Is that you? I swear you sound like my SIL.. LOL She has a weakness for them too. She DID manage to sell a few on Greedbay though.

I am sure there is a pursaholic group somewhere.. you just have to look... As if!! Enjoy your addiction... we only live once!

jenn said...

Ditto here. I'm a Coach-a-holic, and absolutely lusting for a navy patent Ergo. Sigh.

Ginette said...

Oh...SO one of my vices too! Whether it's my love of Coach or a great Target steal, I've never been able to resist the urge to add to my every growing collection!

Sabrae said...

Well then I say buy away! lol I'm not a purse person myself! lol but I bet I have one that you would just die for!!!! Email me and I will send you a picture! :) But shhhhh don't tell hubs! lol and this purse you will not find anywhere!!! lol I got the last one to be made online! :)

Kitty Cat said...

I feel that way about shoes. I think there should be a support group for women who love shoes too much.