Saturday, November 8, 2008

Let's try another subject!!

Do you have any nasty personal habits?  I am a hair puller.  When I'm stressed or bored I sit and twirl and pull the same piece of hair above my left ear over, and over and over.  It drives people NUTS and makes that one piece of hair look like a dry frazzled mess.

My husband is a nail biter.  CHRONIC.  His nails are really painful to look at.  I get completely stressed when I watch him do it.  I try to get him to go to a psychologist or a hypnotist to no avail.

How about you?  Nail biter?  Hair puller?  Zit picker?

What's YOUR nasty habit!!!?


Anonymous said...

I am a scab picker...and a pimple picker too- my husband gets some because of working out he gets a pimple and J and I take a nose dive for it. I know. Gross

Kate said...

I was a hair puller but have stopped. When I was younger I would read Billboards and frantically spell everything backwards. Every now and then I do it but can control it

Scarlet O'Kara said...

OK...I just have to ask...will any of my responses be held against me if I decide to run for Public Office at a later date?

dizzblnd said...

Hi.. my names Patti and I'm an....

Oh its not a

I am a nail biter and a zit picker