Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Topic!!!

I just thought of a topic. As you know the economy is a mess, and crime rates are skyrocketing.

I think someone tried to pickpocket me at the mall yesterday.

My sister's cars got robbed in her driveway and her friend just got her cell phone and jacket ripped off at Target.

Do you have any stories?


tam said...

I don't have any stories-although I read a sad one on someones blog while doing the SITSmas tour. Poor gal had left her wallet in the cab and knew it right when he was pulling away -she tried to flag the driver and he just smiled, waved and kept on driving! She aparently had something like $400. cash and he used her credit cards. She did call to cancel them though. She called the cab company right away for help of course they couldn't get the driver on the phone! Anyhow I thought it was such a sad thing! Crime goes up dramtically when the economy is bad-it is a sad fact of life. But I do believe in Karma so these people will get whats comin to them!
Thanks for visiting my blog-come visit again sometime!
Happy Holidays!
~Tam :D

jenn said...

Holy crap. Scary stuff. A friend came out of her house last winter to drive her little boys to school and found a homeless (drunk) man sleeping in her van.

Sabrae said...

Crap... see why I rarley ever leave the house???