Monday, December 1, 2008

Anyone looking for a shopper?

My name is NJDecorator and I am a shopper. I mean, I love to shop. My perfect job would be someones personal shopper (with unlimited budget) so I could indulge my shopping needs.

However, right now I am between jobs and cannot shop like I would normally. I have to reign it in. But I always tempted. So I now cyber window shop. I fill up my shopping cart with all kinds of wonderful things and them I click away from the site before ordering. It works pretty well, but not fully.

I also run my Synagogue's Judaica Shop. That helps with the buying urges. I can order all kinds of things and know that the money is not coming out my pocket. I like buying things for other people.

I really should be a personal shopper - anyone looking for that?

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The Family Julz said...

tee hee! I too would love to do that! If you find anyone's that hiring for such position and they need extra help, do let me know!