Monday, December 1, 2008

Confessions of a purseaholic, take 2

I cannot resist posting this beauty, and then I will not hijack your cool site again, Jill, to discuss my weakness. But look at this beauty:

It is coming soon to a Target near you! Hayden Harnett is one of the new Go International designers. Their purses are yummy. And the ones at Target are priced at 49.99 and under! A person who loves purses could satisfy the urge without breaking the bank!

Sorry ladies, but my husband was just not interested, so I thought I would share this monumental news with my bloggy friends!


Sabrae said...

lol go to a support group already!

jenn said...

Darling! And the price is awesome.

Lynette said...

Why would you want to get over a purse addiction?? LOL and for less than $50?? I found you blog hopping today on SITS and thought your blog was funny - looks like we have several things in common - well you have a son and I have a daughter, but anyway . . . gotta' love a give-away - maybe the next one will be a purse??
Have a good one.

King of New York Hacks said...

yeah stick with the purses and saty the hell away from crystal meth !!!
Purse yes..meth no...There ya go !!

Caffeine Court said...

Thanks for taking the reigns - I've been a slacker lately!!!